Radar Emitter Database

The Radar Emitter Database (REDB) offers a comprehensive radar parametric database which includes a complete electronically searchable index of all the emitters, their manufacturers and aliases.

The REDB is the result of 35 years continuous and continuing research. It identifies over 12,400 emitters and a further 6,500 aliases with emitter records going back to 1937. The data is available in loose geographical packages, which is ideal for those students or organizations wishing to study a relatively small area scenario, such as the Caribbean, South China Sea or a particular land mass.

The parametric emitter data is tabulated in minimum, median and maximum terms and includes intra-pulse information where it is available.

Without exception, all types of radar emitters are tabulated including those employing CW (continuous wave) and exotic waveforms, regardless of whether they are at static sites, installed in land-mobiles, ships, any type of airframe or man-portables such as ground-penetration and through-the-wall systems.

Where known, each system lists current user by country and application and, where appropriate, related weapons in the case of military platforms.

All data supplies are provided with a user-friendly handbook of 170 pages, which is available in either hard or soft copy formats.

The Radar Emitter Database already supports a number of global Government Agencies and civil, industrial and military users, because it has a wide range of potential applications including market and military research topics with a crucial advantage, being compiled from open sources, in military jargon it is 'Unclassified' and therefore does not infringe upon any aspect of national or military security.

Chinese Radars, a major dynamic report about radar systems deployed in China is now available in .pdf format on CDROM. At 600 pages it is the only work of its type and deals with all aspects of radar and their development in China over the last 30 years.

For further information on the Chinese Radars report, please click here.

List of radar types included in the Radio Emitter Database

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