List of Naval Programmes monitored in the Naval Programmes Database

List of naval programmes monitored in the Naval Programmes Database with details of naval construction, naval forecasts and naval upgrades.

The database lists programmes and links to the ship classes and individual ships in each programme. The term naval is used loosely and includes government owned vessels.

ProgrammeOrganisation / CountryItem
05SS (2700 tonne) submarine programme, Oyashio classJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
1,000 tonne patrol vessel and salvage vessel programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
1,500 tonne patrol vessel and salvage vessel programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
100-tonne patrol boat programmeTaiwan Coast GuardProcurement
1000 (770) tonne Aso class patrol vessel programmeJapan Coast GuardProcurement
1000 DWT Type I Patrol Vesse/73.9m Research and Patrol Vessel (Zhong Guo Hai Jian 46 type)China (PRC) State Oceanic Administration (SOA)Procurement
1000 DWT Type II Patrol Vesse/75.8m Research and Patrol Vessel (Zhong Guo Hai Jian 27 type)China (PRC) State Oceanic Administration (SOA)Procurement
100mm stealth gun mount replacementChina PLANConversion/Retrofit
102 Foot ONR Funded SEACOASTER Program US NavyProcurement
103-ft Vosper patrol boat programmeKenya NavyProcurement
103-ft Vosper patrol boat programmeMalaysia NavyProcurement
105M Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel (AOPV) programmeIndia Coast GuardProcurement
105M Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV)India NavyProcurement
1080TEU Container VesselJSC Far Eastern Sea Shipping Company (DVMP)Procurement
110-ft Vosper patrol boat programmeSingapore NavyProcurement
11th Defence Plan (2007-2012)Ministry of Defence, Government of IndiaForce planning
12-tonne GRP Interceptor Boat programmeIndia ArmyProcurement
12-tonne GRP Interceptor Boat programmeMinistry of Home Affairs, Government of India (MHA)Procurement
124-foot, 3000 hp, ABS Class towboatsUS Army Corps of EngineersProcurement
12500 tonne AGB (Year 16 AGB)Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
127 type patrol boat programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
12m Estacion Movil de Apyo Fluvial EMAF (riverine support mobile station programme)Colombia NavyProcurement
12T Bollard Pull Tug programmeOman NavyProcurement
1300 (1000) tonne Hateruna class patrol vessel programmeJapan Coast GuardProcurement
13500 tonne AOE (Year 12 AOE, Mashu class)Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
13500 tonne DDH (Year 16 DDH)Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
14000KW marine rescue and salvage shipChina (PRC) Maritime Safety Administration (MSA)Procurement
14DDG 7700 tonne DDG (Improved Kongo) programmeJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
14m FRP high-speed harbour patrol boats Bangladesh Coast GuardProcurement
14m patrol boatsSaudi Arabia Coast GuardProcurement
150-200 Tonne Boat Project (SG-80 class)Turkey Coast Guard CommandProcurement
1500 DWT Patrol VesselChina (PRC) State Oceanic Administration (SOA)Procurement
155mm Advanced Gun System (AGS)US NavyResearch and Development
15m patrol boat of aluminum hull construction Bangladesh Coast GuardProcurement
15m patrol craft productionCouach SAProcurement
16 m patrol craft (Bolina class)Portugal Policia MaritimaProcurement
16.4 m Lancha de Vigilancia e de Intercepcao (LVI)Portugal GNR Brigada Fiscal/Servicio MaritimoProcurement
16.4m interception vesselHong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
16.5m high speed pursuit vesselHong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
16m aluminium coastal patrol boatsAustralia NSW PoliceProcurement
16SS (2900 tonne) submarine programmeJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
1700-tonne patrullero oceánicoSpain Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia CivilProcurement
18 m Inshore Fisheries Science Vessel programmeCanada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
180 tonne patrol boat programmeJapan Coast GuardProcurement
1800 tonne navio-patrulha oceânica (NaPaOc)Brazil NavyProcurement
18DD missile destroyer design conceptJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
1996 modernization programPhilippines NavyForce planning
19m vedettes d’intervention de rade (VIR)France NavyProcurement
20 m patrol boat programme (Suzukaze)Japan Coast GuardProcurement
20-tonne patrol boat programmeTaiwan Coast GuardProcurement
2000 (1800) tonne Hida class patrol vesselJapan Coast GuardProcurement
2000 Defense BudgetNetherlands NavyDisposal
2002 Defense BudgetNetherlands NavyDisposal
2004 Armed Forces BudgetRussian FederationBudget
2004 Long-Term Pilot Launch Strategic PlanCanada Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA)Force planning
2009-2012 Defence PlanMinistry of Defence, NorwayForce planning
207 type patrol boatSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
20m Patrol Boat (Prignitz)Germany Federal PoliceProcurement
21.2m Austal patrol boat programmeMalta Armed ForcesProcurement
21.40 m pontons-grues automoteursFrance NavyProcurement
21m Fast Patrol BoatCambodia NavyProcurement
22 metre catamaran police boatAustralia Queensland PoliceProcurement
22.5 meter patrol boat acquisitionIraq NavyProcurement
22.8m Fast Patrol Boat programmeBrazil NavyProcurement
22m Patrol Boat programmeKuwait Coast GuardProcurement
24 m Inshore Fisheries Science Vessel programmeCanada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
25-metre Camarc patrol boatsMalaysia Marine Operations Force (Marine Police)Procurement
25m SWATH patrol boat programmeLatvia NavyProcurement
25m Swiftships patrol boat programmeEgypt Coast GuardProcurement
26.5m Fast Patrol Boat programmeTaiwan Coast GuardProcurement
26.5m landing barge/oil spill response vesselsSabah Marine DepartmentProcurement
26m Aluminium High Speed CatamaranMalaysia Marine Department (Jabatan Laut Malaysia)Procurement
27-foot Response Boat-Small programme (Defender)Iraq NavyProcurement
27m patrol boat programmeOman Coast GuardProcurement
27m patrol boats (Grant Aid to Indonesia for the Project for Construction of Patrol Vessels)Indonesia Maritime PoliceProcurement
28-metre type harbour tug programmeIndia NavyProcurement
28m Fast Patrol Boat ProjectSri Lanka NavyProcurement
3,000 tonne patrol vessel and salvage vessel programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
3,000 tonne patrol vessel and salvage vessel programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
3,200 tonne hydrographic survey ship (19AGS)Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
30 m patrol boat programmeJapan Coast GuardProcurement
30 Metre Mono-Hull Ocean Patrol Vessel for NSW PoliceAustralia NSW PoliceProcurement
30-meter embarcaciónes rápidaSpain Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima (SASEMAR)Procurement
30-Year Submarine Construction and Technology Acquisition PlanIndia NavyProcurement
300-tonne OPV programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
3000 DWT Patrol VesselChina (PRC) State Oceanic Administration (SOA)Procurement
3000 tonne destroyer sized coast guard vesselIceland Coast Guard (Landhelgisgæslan)Procurement
301 type patrol boat programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
305 type patrol boat programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
30m Hydrographic Survey Vessel (HSV)Kuwait NavyProcurement
31.2 m patrol boat programmeBangladesh Coast GuardProcurement
32m Patrulleras de Apoyo Fluvial Liviano PAFL (light riverine support patrol boat programme)Colombia NavyProcurement
33-ft Defender class programmeMexico NavyProcurement
35 Knot Fast Patrol Vessel (XFPV) programmeIndia Coast GuardProcurement
350 tonne patrol boat programmeJapan Coast GuardProcurement
3500 tonne submarine projectSouth Korea NavyForce planning
38-meter patrol boat programmeIndonesia Customs (DJBC)Procurement
38m Blohm & Voss design missile patrol boat/Multi-Purpose Auxiliary Craft (MPAC)Pakistan NavyProcurement
40-meter missile armed warship projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
40m customs patrol boat programmeFrance CustomsProcurement
42-meter Naval Landing Craft United Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
42m landing craft programmeBahrain NavyProcurement
43 m patrol boat programmeEast Timor Defence Force Naval ComponentProcurement
44-foot motor lifeboat (MLB) projectUS Coast GuardProcurement
4600 t (Improved Murasame class) destroyer programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB) programmeEgypt Ministry of TransportationProcurement
47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB) programmeMexico NavyProcurement
47-foot motor lifeboat (MLB) replacement projectUS Coast GuardProcurement
47m small tanker/utility shipPakistan NavyProcurement
49-foot Riverine Command Boat (RCB) programmeUS NavyProcurement
499-tonne patrol vesselsKorea Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF)Procurement
5-tonne GRP Interceptor Boat programmeMinistry of Home Affairs, Government of India (MHA)Procurement
5,000 tonne patrol and salvage vesselSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
5,000-tonne missile destroyer (19DD)Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
50-tonne patrol boat programmeTaiwan Coast GuardProcurement
500 tonne Type KBV 031 pollution control vesselSweden Coast GuardProcurement
500-tonne corvette programme (Taipei design)Taiwan Coast GuardProcurement
500T and 300T patrol boat programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
50T patrol boat programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
510 tonne MSC (Year 07 MSC, Sugashima class)Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
51m inshore patrol vesselsIndia Coast GuardProcurement
55m Inshore Patrol Vessel (IPV)Royal New Zealand NavyProcurement
55m Landing craft projectThailand NavyProcurement
570 tonne Year 16 MSCJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
6,000 DWT RoRo vessel programmeEgyptian NavyProcurement
60-tonne patrol boat programmeTaiwan Coast GuardProcurement
600-tonne corvette programme (Luerssen design)Taiwan Coast GuardProcurement
60m SWATH pilot station vesselGermany Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW)Procurement
60m wave piercing catamaranChina, People’s Republic (PRC) GovernmentProcurement
61m patrol boat acquisitionBahamas Defense ForceProcurement
61m patrol vessel programmeIndonesia Maritime PoliceProcurement
62 m corvetteLibyan NavyProcurement
64-meter Landing CraftUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
65m Logistic Support Vessel (LSV)Netherlands (The Netherlands)Construction
7.56m Lancha de Ação Rápida (LAR) programmeBrazilProcurement
8000-kW rescue ship programmeMinistry of Communications, ChinaProcurement
80m multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vesselIndia National Institute of OceanographyProcurement
85ft Guardian Fast Patrol Craft programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
85m Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV)Royal New Zealand NavyProcurement
9.5 m fast assault boat acquisitionIraq NavyProcurement
90 Tons Coast Guard Boats Acquisition (Kaan-29/MRTP29/MRTP33)/90 Tonluk Sahil Güvenlik Botu Tedarik ProjesiTurkey Coast Guard CommandProcurement
90m Offshore patrol Vessel (OPV 90)India Coast GuardProcurement
94m Pollution Control VesselIndia Coast GuardProcurement
9935 (aircraft carrier) programmeChina PLANForce planning
A-17 submarine programSweden NavyProcurement
A-19 submarine programSweden NavyProcurement
A244/s lightweight torpedo programmeEuroTorp GEIEDevelopment
Abu Dhabi class corvette programmeUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Acoustic Rapid COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) Insertion (ARCI)US NavyConversion/Retrofit
Acquisition of Admiral Gorshkov carrier India NavyTransfer
Acquisition of Esmeraldas class missile corvettesIraq NavyProcurement
Acquisition of Fast Interceptor CraftTrinidad & Tobago Coast GuardProcurement
Acquisition of fast patrol boatsTrinidad & Tobago Coast GuardProcurement
Acquisition of Finnish OSA II type patrol boatsEgyptian NavyTransfer
Acquisition of Fisheries and Patrol Vessels for the Monitoring, Control & Surveillance (MCS) Project (Rodman patrol boat acquisition)Philippines GovernmentProcurement
Acquisition of offshore patrol vessel from IndiaMauritius Coast GuardProcurement
Acquisition of Offshore Patrol VesselsTrinidad & Tobago Coast GuardProcurement
Acquisition of oil tankersPeru NavyTransfer
Acquisition of patrol ships from BrazilNamibia NavyProcurement
Acquisition of Project 12322 Zubr class LCAC Hellenic NavyProcurement
Acquisition of second-hand offshore patrol vesselSri Lanka NavyTransfer
Acquisition of Serbia-Montenegro naval assetsEgyptian NavyTransfer
Acquisition of upgraded Super Dvora Mk II gun-class fast attack craft Sri Lanka NavyTransfer
Acquisition of vessels for General Lighthouse Authorities of the United Kingdom and IrelandUK Department for TransportProcurement
Acuario class interceptor boat programmeMexico NavyProcurement
ADAWSUK Royal NavyProcurement
ADAWS Colour Command System upgradeUK Royal NavyUpgrade
Additional Intermediate Helicopters for Surface Combatants (Super Seasprite)Australia NavyProcurement
Adelaide class missile frigate programmeAustralia NavyProcurement
Advanced SEAL Delivery System [ASDS]US NavyProcurement
Advanced Submarine System DevelopmentUS NavyResearch and Development
Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System (ATWCS) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense ProgramUS NavyDevelopment
Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Program Block 2004 UpgradeUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
AEGIS DDG 51 CLASS Shipbuilding Program (Arleigh Burke class program)US NavyProcurement
Aegis destroyerTaiwan NavyProcurement
Agni ballistic missile programmeMinistry of Defence, Government of IndiaResearch and Development
Agni-III submarine launched ballistic missile programmeMinistry of Defence, Government of IndiaResearch and Development
AGOR 26 Kilo Moana programmeUS NavyProcurement
Agosta 90B submarine programPakistan NavyProcurement
Agosta 90B submarine upgradePakistan NavyRefit
Agosta class (Spanish S70 class)Spain NavyProcurement
AGSS Dolphin accident and repair/refitUS NavyRefit
Aguinaldo class PB programPhilippines NavyProcurement
Aircraft carrierSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Aircraft carrier programmeChina PLANForce planning
Aircraft carrier programmeRussia NavyForce planning
Aircraft carrier Sao Paulo incremental upgradeBrazil NavyRefit
Akula class submarine leaseIndia NavyTransfer
Akula submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Al Uboor patrol boat programmeIraq NavyProcurement
Al Yamamah projectSaudi ArabiaProcurement
Alaska Region Research Vessel (ARRV)US National Science Foundation (NSF)Procurement
Albatross class patrol boats transferEast Timor Defence Force Naval ComponentTransfer
Aliya class corvette transfer to MexicoMexico NavyTransfer
Allianza Act (1999)Colombia NavyTransfer
Aluminium launches for Immigration DepartmentHong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
Aluminium medium patrol launches for the Hong Kong Police Force (MPL)Hong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
Aluminium monohull divisional fast patrol craft for the Hong Kong Police Force (DFPC)Hong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
ALUPILOT 14000 programmeDenmark Pilotage AuthorityProcurement
Alusafe 1500 class programmeSpain Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia CivilProcurement
Alusafe 1500 class programmeSpain Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima (SASEMAR)Procurement
Alusafe 2000 class programmeSpain Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima (SASEMAR)Procurement
Amatsukaze class missile estroyerJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Amphibious assault ship acquisitionCanada NavyProcurement
Amphibious assault ship planIsrael NavyForce planning
Amphibious Assault Ship--LHA Replacement LHA(R) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Amphibious Bulk Liquid Transfer System (ABLTS)US NavyProcurement
Amphibious ships replacement (Canberra class LHD)Australia NavyProcurement
Amphibious transport ship (Project Millenium)South Africa NavyProcurement
Amphious assault ship projectVenezuela NavyForce planning
AN/BSY-1(V) programmeUS Navy 
AN/BYG-1 Submarine Combat Control SystemUS NavyProcurement
AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare (EW) systemUS NavyProcurement
AN/SLQ-32 Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP)US NavyConversion/Retrofit
AN/SLY-2(V) Advanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System (AIEWS) programUS NavyProcurement
AN/WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System ProgrammeUS NavyProcurement
Annual Long-Range Plan for Construction of Naval VesselsUS NavyProcurement
ANZAC Anti-ship Missile Defence UpgradeAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
ANZAC Anti-ship Missile Defence Upgrade - Fire Control RadarAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
ANZAC Self-Defence UpgradeRoyal New Zealand NavyConversion/Retrofit
ANZAC ShipRoyal New Zealand NavyProcurement
ANZAC Ship ProjectAustralia NavyProcurement
ANZAC Undersea and Surface Warfighting Upgrade Programme (USWUP)Australia NavyConversion/Retrofit
ANZAC Warfighting Improvement ProgrammeAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
AP1-88/400 series Air Cushion VehicleCanada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
Aratu class minesweeper modernization programme (MODVAR)Brazil NavyConversion/Retrofit
Araucano AOR replacementChile NavyProcurement
Archer patrol boat program (Ailsa Troon)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Archer patrol boat program (Vosper Thornycroft)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Archer patrol boat program (Watercraft Ltd)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Archimedes programme (Type 214)Hellenic NavyProcurement
Arctic research vessel Maria S. MeriamGermany GovernmentProcurement
Ark Royal (Invicible class) 1999-2001 refitUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
ARMADA XXISpain NavyForce planning
Asagiri class destroyerJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Assad (Laksamana) upgradeMalaysia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Assad class corvette acquisitionMalaysia NavyTransfer
Astute class Project (Batch 2 Trafalgar)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Astute Combat Management System (ACMS),UKProcurement
Attack class patrol boat programmeAustralia NavyProcurement
Audacious class aircraft carrier programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Aurora Borealis icebreaking research vesselWestern European Union (WEU)Procurement
Austin classUS NavyProcurement
Australian Surface Ship Towed Array Sonar System (ASSTAS)Australia NavyResearch and Development
Auxiliary Oiler and Replacement Close-In Weapon SystemCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Awashima minehunter programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Azteca classMexico NavyProcurement
Bad Bramstedt offshore patrol vesselsGermany Federal PoliceProcurement
Baleares class programSpain NavyProcurement
Bangaram class Fast Attack CraftIndia NavyProcurement
Baptiste de Andrade frigate programPortugal NavyProcurement
Barak-I air defence systemIndia NavyProcurement
Barak-I air defence systemIsrael Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI)Development
Barak-II (extended range) air defence systemIsrael Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI)Development
Barracuda nuclear attack submarineFrance NavyProcurement
Barroso class corvette programmeBrazil NavyProcurement
Bars class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Bâtiment de Projection et de Commandement (BPC) (Mistral class program (NTCD))France NavyProcurement
Batral (Champlain) class LSM programmeMorocco NavyProcurement
Battlespace Access Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (BAUUV) research programmeUK Royal NavyResearch and Development
Bay class (Republic of Yemen variant)Yemen NavyProcurement
Bay class patrol vesselsAustralia CustomsProcurement
Bigliani Class V Series 35-meter Fast Patrol Boat (MV-115)Italy Guardia di FinanzaProcurement
Bigliani Class VI Series 27-meter Fast Patrol Boat (MV-85)Italy Guardia di FinanzaProcurement
Bigliani VII Series 38-meter Fast Patrol Boat programmeItaly Guardia di FinanzaProcurement
Bigliani VIII Series 28-meter Fast Patrol Boat programmeItaly Guardia di FinanzaProcurement
Black Eagle-A project (next generation high speed boat)South Korea NavyProcurement
Block disposal of shipsMexico NavyDisposal
Blohm & Voss 38m fast patrol boatBangkok Harbour DepartmentProcurement
Bob Hope class T-AKR programUS Navy (MSC)Procurement
Bold Pathfinder fast attack craftUK Royal NavyProcurement
Bold Pioneer fast attack craftUK Royal NavyProcurement
Boston Whaler Rigid Raiding Craft (RRC)Netherlands NavyProcurement
BPS-500 missile corvettesVietnam NavyProcurement
BrahMos missile system projectIndia NavyProcurement
Brave Class Fast Attack Craft programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Budget, Peruvian Ministry of DefenceMinistry of Defence, PeruBudget
Budget, Peruvian NavyPeru NavyBudget
Bukhansan type patrol boat programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Bulgaria submarine procurement forecastBulgaria NavyForecast
Buoy Tender Replacement Project US Coast GuardProcurement
Buque de Aprovisionamiento de Combate (BAC)Spain NavyProcurement
Buque de Aprovisionamiento LogísticoMexico NavyProcurement
Buque de Investigación PesqueraMexico NavyProcurement
Buque logístico multipropósito (Bulom)Mexico NavyProcurement
Buque Remolcador de Salvamento de 41 MSpain Servicio de Guardacostas de GaliciaProcurement
Buques de accion maritima (BAM)Spain NavyProcurement
Buques de vigilancia océanica (Oaxaca class patrol vessels)Mexico NavyProcurement
Buques patrulla para vigilancia de mar territorialMexico NavyProcurement
Buques remolcadores de salvamentoSpain Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Maritima (SASEMAR)Procurement
Cadet Training Ship programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Canadian Patrol Frigate programme (CPF project)Canada NavyProcurement
Canadian Towed Array Sonar SystemCanada NavyProcurement
Capability Development Plan (CDP)European Defence Agency (EDA)Force planning
Carrier replacement program (CVN-78 class formerly CVN-21)US NavyProcurement
Carrier Replacement Program/CVN-68 (Nimitz class)US NavyProcurement
Casma (Saar 4) class refitChile NavyRefit
Casma (Saar 4) class replacementChile NavyProcurement
Catamaran type patrol boat programmeCalifornia Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Marine RegionProcurement
Category II Customs Interceptor Craft programmeIndia CustomsProcurement
Category IIIA and IIIB Customs Patrol TenderIndia CustomsProcurement
Category-I Customs Patrol VesselIndia CustomsProcurement
CG 47 Aegis Cruiser Modernization Program (Ticonderoga class)US NavyRetrofit
CG(X) Multimission Cruiser ProgramUS NavyProcurement
Chilean Leander class frigate transferEcuador NavyTransfer
China-Cat (C-14) patrol craft programmeIran NavyProcurement
Circé class minehunter acquisitionTurkey NavyTransfer
Circé class minehunter retrofitTurkey NavyConversion/Retrofit
Clemenceau class programmeFrance NavyProcurement
Close Inshore Surface Patrol CapabilityNew Zealand GovernmentProcurement
Co-operative OUTBOARD Logistic Upgrade (COBLU)Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)Upgrade
Coast Guard Search and Rescue Vessel ProjectTurkey Coast Guard CommandProcurement
Cobra Judy Replacement (CJR) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Collins Class AugmentationAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Collins Class Combat System ReplacementAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Collins class Reliability and Sustainability ImprovementsAustralia NavyRefit
Collins class submarine life-time support contractAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Collins Continuous Improvement Program (CIP)Australia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Collins Sonar ReplacementAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Colossus Class Light Fleet Aircraft Carrier programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Combat Boat 90 H (CB 90 H)Sweden NavyProcurement
Combat Boat 90 H and 90 HEX programmeMalaysia NavyProcurement
Combat Boat 90 N/90 NLNorway NavyProcurement
Combat Boat 90HMN ‘Polaris’ class programmeMexico NavyProcurement
Command-and-Control and Area Air-Defence Capability Replacement (CADRE)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Commandante Riviere frigate programPortugal NavyProcurement
Common New Generation Frigate (CNGF)Horizon International Joint Venture Company (IJVC)Force planning
Communications Intelligence NetworkingCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Communications Intercept Suite Upgrade (CISU)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Composite High Speed Craft (CHSV) ProjectUS Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR)Research and Development
Concept for Future Mine-Countermeasures CapabilityUK Royal NavyForce planning
Constitution class FACM upgradeVenezuela NavyRefit
Conti di Cavour aircraft carrier programmeItaly NavyProcurement
Contract for high speed rigid Assault BoatsOman NavyProcurement
Contract for high speed rigid Assault BoatsUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Coast GuardProcurement
Corvette programmeUkraine NavyProcurement
Corvette projectBulgaria NavyProcurement
Corvettes for MSAPakistan Maritime Safety Agency (MSA)Procurement
CP 200 patrol boat programmeItaly Guardia Costiera (Capitanerie di Porto)Procurement
Cutter Boat-Large (CB-L) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
CV-59 Forrestal class aircraft carrier programmeUS NavyConstruction
CV-63 Kitty Hawk class aircraft carrier programmeUS NavyConstruction
CVAN65 Enterprise Extended Drydocking Restricted Availability (N00024-00-C-2104)US NavyConversion/Retrofit
CVN68 Class Nuclear Refueling Complex OverhaulUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
Cyclone class PB programUS NavyProcurement
D Series I submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Damen Coastal Patrol Craft (CPC) programmeSingapore Police Coast GuardProcurement
Damen Offshore Surveillance Vessels 4207 programmeJamaica Coast GuardProcurement
Damen Salvage Tug 4612 programmeVietnam Marine PoliceProcurement
Damen STAN 2600 program (87-ft Marine Protector class)US Coast GuardProcurement
Damen Stan Patrol 2005 programmeNetherlands Military Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee)Procurement
Damen Stan Patrol 3407Netherlands CustomsProcurement
Damen Stan Patrol 4100Netherlands NavyProcurement
Damen Stan Patrol 4100UK CustomsProcurement
Damen Stan Patrol 4207Netherlands CustomsProcurement
Danish Defence Agreement 2000-2004DenmarkBudget
Danish Lindormen class minelayer transferEstonia NavyTransfer
Daphe class submarine upgradeSouth Africa NavyRefit
Daphne class (Spanish S60 class)Spain NavyProcurement
Daphne class submarine disposalSouth Africa NavyDisposal
Daphné submarine programPakistan NavyProcurement
Daphné submarine programPortugal NavyProcurement
Daring class destroyer programmeAustralia NavyProcurement
Daring class destroyer programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Dark Class Fast Attack Craft programmeFinland NavyProcurement
Dark Class Fast Attack Craft programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Data Link 16/22 (Phase IV)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
DD-21 destroyer programmeUS NavyProcurement
DDG 1000 (formerly DDX) programme US NavyProcurement
DDG-51 maintenanceUS NavyMaintenance
DDG-51 Modernization ProgrammeUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
DDX program DD Radford testbed conversionUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
DDX Shipboard System Component Development US NavyDesign services
DDX Total Ship Systems EngineeringUS NavyDesign services
Deba (Project 716) programPoland NavyProcurement
Deep Submergence Rescue Vessels (DSRV) programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Deepwater 421-foot Maritime Security Cutter, Large (WMSL)/National Security Cutter (NSC) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
Deepwater Capability Replacement ProjectUS Coast GuardProcurement
Deepwater Long Range Interceptor (LRI)US Coast GuardProcurement
Deepwater Maritime Patrol Coastal (>or=140ft) (WPC)/Fast Response Cutter (FRC) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
Deepwater Maritime Security Cutter, Medium (WMSM)/Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
Defence Budget (Norway)Ministry of Defence, NorwayBudget
Defence budget, ChinaChina, People’s Republic (PRC)Budget
Defence Budget, IndiaIndiaBudget
Defence Budget, IsraelIsraelBudget
Defence Budget, PakistanPakistanBudget
Defence Budget, RussiaRussian FederationBudget
Defence budget, SingaporeSingapore, Republic ofBudget
Defence budget, SpainSpainBudget
Defence budget, TaiwanTaiwanBudget
Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) [DII(F)]UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)Procurement
Delta class programSingapore NavyProcurement
DELTA IV Yekaterinburg (K-84) refitRussia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Descubierta class programSpain NavyProcurement
Dhanush ballistic missileIndia NavyResearch and Development
Disaster Prevention Ships Indonesia GovernmentProcurement
Disposal of Quetzalcoatl (E-10)Mexico NavyDisposal
Dockstavarvet IC 16 M III patrol craft programmePoland Border Guard (Straz Graniczna)Procurement
Dokkum class transferPeru NavyTransfer
Dolphin class follow-on programmeIsrael NavyProcurement
Dolphin class programmeIsrael NavyProcurement
Durant de la Penne mid-life modernisation programmeItaly NavyRefit
DV15 program for Qatar NavyQatar NavyProcurement
Dvora Ultra Fast Attack Craft (UFAC) programmeSri Lanka NavyProcurement
Dvora Ultra Fast Attack Craft (UFAC) Series III programmeSri Lanka NavyProcurement
DW-4000R programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
DW2000H frigate programBangladesh NavyProcurement
Dynamically Assisted Trimaran (DAT) projectIsland Engineering IncDevelopment
E71 frigate programBelgium NavyProcurement
Echo class programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Eddystone communications-band electronic support measures (CESM) UK Royal NavyRetrofit
Egyptian Navy Frigate ProgramEgyptian NavyTransfer
EMPAE 2006‐2015 Frigate ProjectHellenic NavyProcurement
EMPAE 2006‐2015 General Support Vessel ProjectHellenic NavyProcurement
EMPAE 2006‐2015 Hydrographic Vessel ProjectHellenic NavyProcurement
EMPAE 2006‐2015 Minehunter ProjectHellenic NavyProcurement
EMPAE 2006‐2015 Submarine Rescue Ship programmeHellenic NavyProcurement
Engins de débarquement amphibie rapides (EDA-R)France NavyProcurement
Enhanced fast patrol boatTurkey Coast Guard CommandProcurement
Enhanced fast patrol boat/Süratli Müdahale Devriye Botu Tedarik Projesi)Turkey NavyProcurement
Erinomi (Vosper Mk9)Nigeria NavyProcurement
Ersh class minelaying submarine conversionRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Conversion
Esmeraldas class upgradeEcuador NavyRefit
Esmeraldas programEcuador NavyProcurement
Establishment of SAR stations including acquisition of SAR vesselsMexico NavyProcurement
Etna class replenishment oilerHellenic NavyProcurement
Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile ProjectCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Evolved Seasparrow MissileAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Evolved Seasparrow missileSpain NavyProcurement
Ex-German Glücksburg class fleet oiler conversionHellenic NavyConversion
F 67 class refit 1994-1996France NavyConversion/Retrofit
F-100 missile frigate programSpain NavyProcurement
F-100 missile frigate program (Baseline 2)Spain NavyConversion/Retrofit
F-22P follow-on frigate programmePakistan NavyProcurement
F-22P frigate programPakistan NavyProcurement
F&T-Vorhaben Minenabwehr-AUV 2008’ (R&D programme Plan Minecountermeasures-AUV 2008)Germany NavyResearch and Development
F2000 series frigate programmeBrunei NavyProcurement
Fähigkeitsanpassung Fregatte Klasse 122/123Germany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Falaj 2 stealth vessel programmeUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Fassmer FFPB 21 programmeBulgaria Coast GuardProcurement
Fast Missile Craft (FMC) programmeEgyptian NavyProcurement
Fast Missile Strike CraftKuwait NavyProcurement
Fast Patrol Boat for the Indonesian National PoliceIndonesia Maritime PoliceProcurement
Fast patrol boat programmeAlgeria Coast GuardProcurement
Fast Patrol Boat Type B for Indonesian National PoliceIndonesia Maritime PoliceProcurement
Fast Patrol Boats (Customs boats)Turkey Directorate General of Customs Enforcement (Gümrük Müsteşarlığı)Procurement
Fast Patrol Boats (Health service boats)Turkey Directorate General of Health Turkish Borders and CoastsProcurement
Fatahillah projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
FB 38 STAB programmeEcuador Coast GuardProcurement
FBM Babcock Marine Vigilante patrol vessel programmeEcuador NavyProcurement
FF-1037 Bronstein class constructionUS NavyProcurement
FF-1037 Bronstein class DisposalUS NavyDisposal
FF-1052 (Knox class)US NavyProcurement
FF-1052 AcquisitionTaiwan NavyTransfer
FF-1052 DisposalUS NavyDisposal
FF-1052 Knox class AcquisitionTurkey NavyTransfer
FFG SM-1 Missile ReplacementAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
FFG Upgrade ProjectAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
FFG-7 AcquisitionTurkey NavyTransfer
FFG-7 class conversionUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
FFG-7 class disposalUS NavyDisposal
FFG-7 Combat System upgrade (Genesis project)Turkey NavyConversion/Retrofit
FFPB 22 Very Fast Patrol BoatAlgeria Coast GuardForce planning
FFX programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Firefighting boat programmeBaltimore City Fire DepartmentProcurement
Fiscal Year 2005 Authorization for Tranfer of Naval VesselsUS NavySecurity assistance
Fishery patrol vesselBrunei Fisheries Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary ResourcesProcurement
Fishery patrol vessels procurementSouth Africa GovernmentProcurement
Flexible Support ShipDenmark NavyProcurement
Floating workshop programmeBulgaria Coast GuardProcurement
Flugkörper Zerstörer Klasse 103Germany NavyProcurement
Follow-on submarine programmePakistan NavyProcurement
Forces Goal-2020Bangladesh GovernmentForce planning
Forel class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Former Soviet nuclear powered submarine disposalRussia NavyDisposal
Forschungs- und Erprobungsschiff der Klasse 751Germany NavyProcurement
Forschungsschiff Klasse 751Germany NavyProcurement
Forsvarsstudie 07Ministry of Defence, NorwayForce planning
Fort Victoria class replenishment ship programUK Royal NavyProcurement
FPB 110 (Subahi) patrol boat programmeKuwait Coast GuardProcurement
FPB 38 class mid-life refitUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesConversion/Retrofit
FPB 57 NAV I-II-III-IV programIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
FPB 57 NAV V programIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Franco-Italian Horizon programmeFrance Ministry of DefenseProcurement
Franco-Italian multirole frigate projectFranco-Italian Multirole Frigate Joint VentureProcurement
Freemantle patrol boat programAustralia NavyProcurement
Fregata Nuovo Millenio (FNM)Italy NavyProcurement
Frégates de défense aérienne (FREDA)France NavyProcurement
Frégates Européennes Multi-Missions (FREMM) programmeFrance NavyProcurement
Frigate Equipment Life Extension (FELEX) ProjectCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Frigate procurementAlgeria NavyProcurement
Frigate programme (FREMM)Morocco NavyProcurement
Frigate project (Project Brave)Malaysia NavyProcurement
Frigate Project 2006-2010Thailand NavyProcurement
Frigate replacement programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Frigate Type 122 and Type 123 combat systems upgradeGermany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Frosch class re-enginingIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Conversion/Retrofit
FS 1500 frigate modernisation programmeColombia NavyRefit
FS 1500 frigate programmeColombia NavyProcurement
FS 1500 frigate programmeMalaysia NavyProcurement
FS 1500 Kasturi class frigate upgradeMalaysia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Future Aircraft Carrier (CVF) programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Future Bâtiments de soutien et d'assistance hauturiers (BSAH)France NavyProcurement
Future French Aircraft Carrier programme (PA2)France NavyProcurement
Future Helicopter StrategyUK Ministry of Defence (MOD)Force planning
Future LPD/LHDItaly NavyProcurement
Future Offshore Patrol Vessel (FOPV) - River classUK Royal NavyProcurement
Future submarineAustralia NavyForce planning
Future Surface Combatant (FSC)UK Royal NavyProcurement
FY 2005US NavyBudget
FY 2005-2009 Mid-Term Defence ProgrammeJapan Defense Agency (JDA)Force planning
FY 2006 Budget RequestUS NavyBudget
FY 2007 Budget RequestUS NavyBudget
G-200 Buratti class 22m patrol boatItaly Guardia di FinanzaProcurement
Galicia class programSpain NavyProcurement
General Artigas class frigate fire control system upgradeUruguay NavyConversion/Retrofit
GENESIS project Turkey NavySoftware development
German Tiger class (La Combattante II) programGermany NavyProcurement
German Type 332 Frankenthal transferUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesTransfer
Glucksburg class conversion to fleet oilerHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
Great Lakes Icebreaker Capability Replacement Project (GLIB)US Coast GuardProcurement
Griffin 8000 TD programmeIndia Coast GuardProcurement
Griffon 2000TD hovercraft programmeVenezuela NavyProcurement
Griffon 2000TD(M) hovercraft Pakistan NavyProcurement
Griffon 8000TD(M) hovercraft acquisitionSaudi Arabia Coast GuardProcurement
GRP or aluminium fire boat for the Fire Services Department (07004)Hong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
GRSE Waterjet fast attack craft (Car Nicobar class)India NavyProcurement
Grupo Combate ModernizationSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
Gyurza type patrol ship programmeUzbekistanProcurement
Haixun 21 patrol vessel programmeChina (PRC) Maritime Safety Administration (MSA)Procurement
Halifax Class Modernization/Frigate Life Extension (HCM/FELEX) Project Canada NavyRefit
Halifax Class Radar UpgradeCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Halifax-Class Modernization (HCM)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Hameenma class minelayer modernizationFinland NavyRefit
Haruna class helicopter destroyer programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Hatakaze class missile destroyer programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Hatsushima class minesweeperJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Hatsuyuki class destroyerJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Hayase minelayerJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
HDA-8000 Chun Ji programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
HDC-1150 Hankang programmeSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
HDC-1150 programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
HDC1000 programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
HDC800 programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
HDF2000 Ulsan programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
HDL-4000 Alligator programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
HDP-1000 Mazinger programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
HDP-1000 Mazinger retrofitSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyConversion/Retrofit
Heavy Lift LCAC programmeUS NavyProcurement
Helsinki class acquisitionCroatia NavyTransfer
Helsinki class Fast Attack Craft MissileFinland NavyConstruction
Hermis Intelligence Capability UpgradeHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
Hesperides programSpain NavyProcurement
High Speed Aluminium CraftIndonesia Maritime PoliceProcurement
High Speed Interception Craft acquisitionBangladesh NavyProcurement
HMAS Westralia refit 1999-2000Australia NavyConversion/Retrofit
HMS Ark Royal 1992 refitUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
HMS Cornwall 1995-1996 refitUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
HMS Monmouth 2002-2003 refitUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Holland (AG) class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Holland 27B class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Holland 31A (Narval) class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Holzinger (Aguila) project (Buques Tipo Guardacostas)Mexico NavyProcurement
Holzinger 2000 projectMexico NavyProcurement
Holzinger 2001 Buque Oceánico Ideal (Fragata Compacta, Durango class)Mexico NavyProcurement
Home Guard Series 4 patrol boats (MHV-900)Denmark Marine HjemmevaernetsProcurement
Horizon air defence frigate programmeFrance NavyProcurement
Horizon class missile destroyer programmeItaly NavyProcurement
Hovercraft 2000Sweden NavyProcurement
Huang Fengclass missile boat deliveryPakistan NavyProcurement
Hunt class disposalUK Royal NavyDisposal
Hunt class mine countermeasures vessels acquisitionHellenic NavyTransfer
Hunt class minehunter transferLithuania NavyTransfer
Hunt class programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Huon MHC Performance and Availability Based In-Service Support (ISS)Australia NavyThrough-life support
Hydrographic Ship Project (Leeuwin class AGS acquisition)Australia NavyProcurement
Hydrographic Ship Upgrade (Leeuwin class)Australia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Hydrographic survey catamaranIndia NavyProcurement
Hydrographic Survey LaunchesNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Procurement
Hydrographic Survey Ship (HSV)Oman NavyProcurement
Hydrographic Survey Vessel 6613 programmeVietnam NavyProcurement
Hydrographic vessel programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Hydrographic vessel Protea replacementSouth Africa NavyProcurement
IC 16 M ‘Polaris II’ class programmeMexico NavyProcurement
IC 16 M patrol boat programmeMalaysia CustomsProcurement
Ice-class research vessel project (Nytt isgående forskningsfartøy)NorwayProcurement
IDAS Leichte Flugkörperbewaffnung für UBooteGermany NavyResearch and Development
IFF Patrol ShipsNetherlands NavyProcurement
Illustrious class aircraft carrier programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Implementation Link iiSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS)US NavyProcurement
Improved Navy Lighterage System (INLS)US Navy Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)Procurement
In-Service SupportUK MOD Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)Maintenance
Indian LCU Mk II/IIIIndia NavyProcurement
Indian Leander frigate programIndia NavyProcurement
Indian-Vietnamese naval co-operationIndiaDefence co-operation
Indonesia Coast Guard Patrol Boats Retrofit ProjectIndonesia Ministry of Transportation (Dephub)Refit
Inhauma class corvette communications system upgradeBrazil NavyConversion/Retrofit
Inland River - Survey and Design projectUS Coast GuardResearch and Development
Inshore Fisheries Science VesselsDepartment of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada (DFO)Procurement
Inshore Fishery and Environmental Research Vessel.South Africa GovernmentProcurement
Inspection Boat System for Indonesia Fisheries (IBSIF)Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and FisheriesProcurement
Inspection vessel programmeDenmark NavyProcurement
Integrated Deepwater System 110’ to 123” WPB patrol boat modernizationUS Coast GuardConversion/Retrofit
Integrated Materiel Support (IMS) for the ANZAC ClassAustralia NavyLife cycle management
Intensivering Civiel Militaire Samenwerking (ICMS)Netherlands GovernmentForce planning
Interceptor 26 boatsIndia Coast GuardEvaluation
Interceptor boat programme (Sagar Prahari Bal)India NavyProcurement
Introduction of DS30 Mk2 Naval Gun SystemUK Royal NavyProcurement
Invincible class flight deck extension and Sea Dart removalUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
IPS-16 Peykaap programmeIran NavyProcurement
IPS-18 Tir programmeIran NavyProcurement
Isla (Pegasus Mk 5)Mexico NavyProcurement
Island class OPVUK Royal NavyDisposal
Island class OPV acquisitionBangladesh NavyTransfer
Island class programUS Coast GuardProcurement
Jacinto Class Patrol Vessel UpgradePhilippines NavyConversion/Retrofit
Jaemin I (1501) programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Jaemin II (1502) programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Jaguar torpedo boat programmeChile NavyProcurement
Jalalat class missile boat programPakistan NavyProcurement
Jianghu class missile frigate programmeBangladeshProcurement
Jianghu frigate to patrol ship conversionChina (PRC) Peoples Armed Police Force (CAPF)Conversion
Jianghu-I (Type 053H)/Jianghu-II (Type 053H1)/Jianghu-V (Type 053 H5)China PLANProcurement
Jianghu-II ModEgyptian NavyProcurement
Jianghu-II Variant (Type 053 HTH)China PLANProcurement
Jianghu-III (Type 053 HT)China PLANProcurement
Jianghu-III Variant (Type 053 HT)Thailand NavyProcurement
Jianghu-III Variant (Type 053 HTH)Thailand NavyProcurement
Jiangwei-I (Type 053H2G) missile frigateChina PLANProcurement
Jiangwei-II (Type 053H3) missile frigateChina PLANProcurement
Joao Coutinho frigate programPortugal NavyProcurement
Joint Casualty Treatment Ship (JCTS) programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Joint Logistics Support Ship JSS (Project vervanging Hr Ms Zuiderkruis)Netherlands NavyProcurement
Joint Maritime Assault Connector (JMAC) US NavyResearch and Development
Joint Multimission Expeditionary Craft (JMEC)US NavyResearch and Development
Joint Support Ship (JSS 400?)Germany NavyProcurement
Joint Support Ship (JSS)/Replenishment Ship Replacement/Afloat Logistics and Sealift CapabilityCanada NavyProcurement
JP2048 Phase 3 Amphibious Watercraft ReplacementAustralia NavyProcurement
K Series XIV submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Kaan 15/MRTP15 patrol boat programmePakistan NavyProcurement
Kaiman class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
KAL 35 patrol boat programmeIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
KAL 36 patrol boat programmeIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Karp class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Kasatka class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
KBV 001 projectSweden Coast GuardProcurement
KBV 201 projectSweden Coast GuardProcurement
KBV 312 (35 tonne coastal patrol boat)Sweden Coast GuardProcurement
KBV Cobra 35 ftSweden Coast GuardProcurement
KDX-II programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
KDX-III Destroyer ProgramSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Keka class programHong Kong Marine PoliceProcurement
Keta class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Kidd class destroyer acquisitionTaiwan NavyTransfer
Kidd class destroyer reactivationTaiwan NavyConversion/Retrofit
Kilic I programTurkey NavyProcurement
Kilic II programmeTurkey NavyProcurement
Kilo class submarine programmeVietnam NavyProcurement
Kilo class submarine projectSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Kingston Class (MCDV) 3 Remaining projectsCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
KKV 90 Goteborg class sonar system upgradeSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
KKV 90 programSweden NavyProcurement
Klasse 404 submarine tender conversionGermany NavyConversion
Knox class frigate air defence modernizationTaiwan NavyConversion/Retrofit
Kobben class submarine acquisitionPoland NavyTransfer
Kobben class submarine disposalNorway NavyDisposal
Kondor class minesweeper conversion to patrol craftIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Conversion
Kongo class Aegis BMD ConversionJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Conversion/Retrofit
Kongo class Aegis missile destroyer programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Kortenaer class frigate acquisitionPakistan NavyTransfer
Kortenaer class mid-life modernizationHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
Kortenaer class programmeHellenic NavyTransfer
Korvette K131 Mittlere Überwasserkampfeinkeit (MÜKE)Germany NavyProcurement
Krab class minelaying submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Krivak frigate refitNorth Korea NavyRefit
KSS II Type 214 Batch 1 (South Korea) programmeSouth Korea NavyProcurement
KSS II Type 214 Batch 2 (South Korea) programmeSouth Korea NavyProcurement
KSS-I Type 209/1200 Chang Bogo programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Kuang Hua 7 programme (Knox class replacement)Taiwan NavyProcurement
Kuang Hua I program (PFG 2 frigate)Taiwan NavyProcurement
Kuang Hua II (Bravo) program (La Fayette frigate acquisition)Taiwan NavyProcurement
Kuang Hua III missile corvette program Taiwan NavyProcurement
Kuang Hua V programTaiwan NavyProcurement
Kuang Hua VI missile boat programmeTaiwan NavyProcurement
Kwanggaeto Daewang (KDX-1) prgramSouth Korea NavyProcurement
L Series II minelaying submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
L Series XI ex Series II-Bis? minelaying submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
L Series XIII minelaying submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
L Series XIII-Bis minelaying submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
L-frigate programme (Jacob van Heemskerck klasse)Netherlands NavyProcurement
La Combattante III/IIIa Laskos-class missile boat upgradeHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
La Combattante IIL missile boat upgradeHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
Lambro 57 PB Class III Fast Patrol BoatHellenic Coast GuardProcurement
Lancha de fiscalização costeira (LFC-2005)Portugal GNR Brigada Fiscal/Servicio MaritimoProcurement
Lancha patrullera de costa MGP PC 2003-IPeru Coast GuardProcurement
Lanchas de desembarque médias – LDM (LCM)Portugal NavyProcurement
Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Landing Craft Tank (LCT) projectTurkey NavyProcurement
Landing Craft Utility (LCU)Kuwait NavyProcurement
Landing craft utility (LCU) programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) ProgramTurkey NavyForce planning
Landing Platform Dock (LPD) project/Havuzlu Çıkarma Gemisi (LPD) Projesi)Turkey NavyProcurement
Landing Platform Dock (Replacement) (LPD(R)) - Albion classUK Royal NavyProcurement
Landing Platform Dock Project 2006-2010Thailand NavyProcurement
Landing Ship Tank (LST) project/Amfibi Gemi (LST) Projesi)Turkey NavyProcurement
Landsort 2003 refitSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Landsort class Mid-Life UpgradeSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Landsort programSingapore NavyProcurement
Landsort programSweden NavyProcurement
Large hydrographic boat type GBD-480 Project 1896 and training boat Project 1896USoviet NavyProcurement
LCAC Service Life Extension Programme (SLEP)US NavyConversion/Retrofit
LCAC(X) Sea-Shore ConnectorsUS NavyResearch and Development
LCM-1E programmeSpain NavyProcurement
LCU 1000DWT programmeIndonesia Army (TNI AD)Procurement
LCU Mk 10UK Royal NavyProcurement
LCVP Mark V C projectNetherlands NavyProcurement
Lebed class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Lend-Lease (Public Law 77-11)US GovernmentProcurement
Lewis & Clark (T-AKE1)/T-ADC-X programmeUS Navy (MSC)Procurement
LHD1 programUS NavyProcurement
Lianjiang patrol ship programmeTaiwan Coast GuardProcurement
Lightweight ASW Torpedo (Project Djimindi)Australia Department of DefenceProcurement
Lightweight Torpedo DevelopmentUS NavyResearch and Development
Lindau class MHC modernizationLithuania NavyRefit
Link 16 implementationGermany NavyProcurement
Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) ProgramUS NavyProcurement
Littoral Surface Craft - Experimental (LSC(X)) - X-CraftUS NavyProcurement
Liwa 1 projectUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Liwa 2 projectUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Logistic Support Vessel (LSV) programmeUS ArmyProcurement
Longobardo/Pelosi class submarines refitItaly NavyConversion/Retrofit
Los Angeles class nuclear powered submarine programme (SCB 303)US NavyProcurement
Los Angeles class SSN disposalUS NavyDisposal
Low Frequency Active/Passive Sonar (LFAPS)Australia NavyResearch and Development
Low Frequency Active/Passive Sonar (LFAPS) (Phase 1-4)Australia NavyProcurement
LPD programmeIndia NavyProcurement
LPD projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
LPD-17 San Antonio class programmeUS NavyProcurement
LPR-40 river patrol boat programmeColombia NavyProcurement
LPX programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
LSF-II programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
LST 86 and 516 UpgradePhilippines NavyConversion/Retrofit
LST-2 projectSouth Korea NavyProcurement
LTIPP-2007-2022 (long-term integrated perspective plan)Ministry of Defence, Government of IndiaForce planning
Lublin (Project 767) programPoland NavyProcurement
Lupo acquisition from ItalyPeru NavyTransfer
Lurssen FPB 28 programmeBulgaria Coast GuardProcurement
Lürssen patrol boatsYemen (Republic of)Procurement
Lürssen TNC 45 modernisationArgentina NavyRefit
Lyme Bay class LPD (Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) (LSD(A))UK Royal NavyProcurement
M Series VI submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
M Series VI-Bis submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
M Series XII REDO experimental submarineSoviet NavyConversion
M Series XII submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
M Series XII-Bis submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
M Series XV submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
M-class (Karel Doorman class) frigate transferBelgium NavyTransfer
M-class (Karel Doorman class) frigates transferPortugal NavyTransfer
M-class frigate (Karel Doorman class) disposalNetherlands NavyDisposal
M-frigate programme (Karel Doorman klasse)Netherlands NavyProcurement
M-frigate replacementNetherlands NavyProcurement
Maestrale class frigate refitsItaly NavyRefit
Magar LST(L) programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Magic Lantern ProgramUS NavyResearch and Development
Maintenance and repair generalSpain NavyBudget
MakarIndia NavyProcurement
Man Kyung Kang programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Marine research vessel programmeQatar University Environmental Studies Center (ESC)Procurement
Marinestudie 2005Netherlands NavyForce planning
Maritime and coastal securityIndia GovernmentForce planning
Maritime Broadband Satellite SystemIreland Navy (Irish Naval Service)Procurement
Maritime Capabilities Perspective Plan 2022India NavyForce planning
Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV) programmeCanada NavyProcurement
Maritime Communications and Information Management Architecture ModernisationAustralia NavyProcurement
Maritime Helicopter ProjectCanada NavyProcurement
Maritime Operational Support Capability (Auxiliary Oiler Replacement)Australia NavyConversion
Maritime Operational Support Capability (Success Replacement)Australia NavyConversion
Maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) acquisitionBangladesh NavyProcurement
Maritime Pre-positioning Fleet (Future) MPF(F) US Navy (MSC)Procurement
Maritime Prepositioned Force Utility Boat (MPF UB) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Maritime Theater Ballistic Missile Defence (MTMDB) ProjectNetherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Maritime Underwater Future Capability (MUFC)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Mark V (Mk V) Special Operations Craft protoype (Sea Stalker)US NavyResearch and Development
Mark V Fast Interceptor Boat programmeKuwait NavyProcurement
Mark V Patrol Boat replacement (Mk V.1)US NavyProcurement
Marlin submarine projectDCNS SA ex Direction Des Constructions Navales (DCN)Design services
Marques de la Ensenada programSpain NavyProcurement
MARS Fleet Tanker programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
MARS Joint Sea Based Logistic (JSBL) ships programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
MARS Solid Support (SS) ships programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Matanga ocean tugIndia NavyProcurement
Medium caliber gun for close-in weapon systemDenmark NavyProcurement
Mehrzweckeinsatzschiff (MZES)Germany NavyProcurement
MEKO 140 A16 projectArgentina NavyProcurement
MEKO 200 programPortugal NavyProcurement
MEKO 200TN Track I programTurkey NavyProcurement
MEKO 200TN Track IIA programTurkey NavyProcurement
MEKO 200TN Track IIB programTurkey NavyProcurement
MEKO 360 HNigeria NavyProcurement
MEKO 360 H2Argentina NavyProcurement
MEKO A-100 RMN program/New Generation Patrol Vessels (NGPV)Malaysia NavyProcurement
MEKO class frigate upgradeHellenic NavyRefit
MEKO-A200SA frigate upgradeSouth Africa NavyRefit
MHV 54-014 Project/Mayın Avlama Gemisi ProjesiTurkey NavyProcurement
Mid-Life Modernization of Atilay Class SubmarinesTurkey NavyConversion/Retrofit
Mid-shore patrol vessels (MSPV)Canada Coast Guard (CCG)Construction
Midnight Express interdiction craft programmeColombia NavyProcurement
MILGEM Patrol and Antisubmarine Warfare ShipTurkey NavyProcurement
Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) programme UK Royal NavyForce planning
Military Assault BoatsPakistan NavyProcurement
Military Satelite Communications (MILSATCOM)Australia Department of DefenceProcurement
MILJØ103 (M103) poluttion control vesselDenmark NavyProcurement
Mine counter measures (MCM) flexible agile sweeping technology (FAST) technology readiness demonstrator (TRD) programmeUK Royal NavyResearch and Development
Mine Counter Measures Vessels UpgradeUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Mine Countermeasure Vessel 2010 (MCMV 2010)Finland NavyConstruction
Mine Countermeasures Mid Term Coherency Programme (MCM MTCP)UK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Mine Countermeasures Vessel (MCMV) programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Mine Reconnaissance Program (HUGIN MRS)Norway NavyProcurement
Minehunter Coastal Project (Huon class)Australia NavyProcurement
Minehunter modernisationMalaysia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Minelayer CarlskronaSweden NavyProcurement
Minelayer Carlskrona 2003 refitSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Minelayer Vidar transferLithuania NavyTransfer
Minenabwehrausrüstung 2000Germany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Minenjagdausrüstung 2000 (MJ2000)Germany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Minenjagdboot Klasse 332Germany NavyProcurement
Minenjagdboot Klasse 343Germany NavyProcurement
Minesweeper projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Minesweeper upgradeIndia NavyRetrofit
Ming (Type 035)China PLANProcurement
Minoga class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Missile corvette programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Missile frigate projectHellenic NavyProcurement
Mission Effectiveness Project (MEP)US Coast GuardRefit
Mistral class LHDRussia NavyProcurement
Mk 46 Torpedo ReplacementCanada NavyProcurement
Mk 48 Torpedo RefurbishmentCanada NavyProcurement
Mk 92 Fire Control System (FCS) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Mk III BEB (bridge erection boat) programmeUS Marine Corps (USMC)Procurement
Mk V Special Operations Craft programmeUS Special Operations CommandProcurement
MLG 27 gun retrofitGermany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) projectUS NavyForce planning
Modernization of the communications system of the "Marasesti"destroyerRomania NavyRefit
ModFrag Project (Programa de Modernização das Fragatas Classe Niterói)Brazil NavyConversion/Retrofit
Modification of Halifax-class Patrol Frigates to Accommodate Emergency Response Team BoatsCanada NavyUpgrade
Modular Naval Artillery Concept for Naval Gun Fire (MONARCH)Germany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Molniya class missile corvettes (Type HO-A)Vietnam NavyProcurement
Moray 1400 type submarine acquisitionEgyptian NavyProcurement
Mortar Combat Boat 2010 (Stridsbåt "Ny” 2010)Sweden NavyProcurement
Morzh class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Moskit-E Missile Weapon SystemRussia NavyProcurement
MouetteSaudi Arabia NavyRefit
Mowaj (Moudge) frigate programmeIran NavyProcurement
MPMB class inshore minehunter (Small Counter-Mine Ship)Croatia NavyProcurement
MRTP16 Interceptor craftAbu Dhabi Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA)Procurement
MRTP33 patrol boat programmePakistan NavyProcurement
MU90/IMPACT Advanced Lightweight Torpedo programmeEuroTorp GEIEDevelopment
Multi Mission Armored Watercraft (MMAW) Project US ArmyResearch and Development
Multi Purpose Hydrographic Survey VesselThailand NavyProcurement
Multi Role Vessel (MRV)Royal New Zealand NavyProcurement
Multi-purpose harbour tenders (tugboats)South Africa NavyProcurement
Multi-role support shipMalaysia NavyProcurement
Multi-role vessel/logistics support ship (MRV)Philippines NavyProcurement
Multifunctional patrol ship acquisitionLithuania NavyProcurement
Multipurpose asault ship (Valdivia replacement)Chile NavyProcurement
MultiPurpose Attack Craft (MPAC) - Formerly Fast Craft UtilityPhilippines NavyProcurement
Multipurpose Hospital Ship/LPD projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Multipurpose icebreakerEstonia Maritime Administration (EMA)Procurement
Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP)United StatesProcurement
MWV 50 programChina Petroleum CorporationProcurement
N-55 (Akagi) patrol boatBangladesh NavyProcurement
Nahang class submarine programmeIran NavyProcurement
Najaarsbrief 2002 and the Netherlands NavyNetherlands NavyBudget
NAPA 500 patrol boat projectBrazil NavyProcurement
Nasur class patrol boat programmeIraq NavyProcurement
NATO Frigate Replacement for the 1990s (NFR-90)NATOForce planning
NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Naval Ballistic Missile DefenceJapan Defense Agency (JDA)Force planning
Naval budget, SpainSpain Ministerio de DefensaBudget
Naval constructionRussia NavyProcurement
Naval re-equipment programme (2004-2009)Indonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Naval re-equipment programme (2009-2014)Indonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Naval refitsRussia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Naval sail training shipMalaysia NavyProcurement
Naval vessels acquisitionCambodia NavyProcurement
Naval Vessels Transfer ActUS NavySecurity assistance
Naval Vessels Transfer Act FY 2005Taiwan NavyTransfer
Naval Vessels Transfer Act FY 2007Lithuania NavyTransfer
Naval Vessels Transfer Act FY 2007Taiwan NavyTransfer
Naval Vessels Transfer Act of 2005US NavySecurity assistance
Navigation systems modernisation project (Project Modernisering van navigatiesystemen)Netherlands Ministry of DefenceProcurement
Navio de Desembarque Fluvial (NaDesFlu)Brazil NavyProcurement
Navio de Patrulha Oceanica (NPO 2000)Portugal NavyProcurement
Navio Polivalente Logistico (NAVPOL)Portugal NavyProcurement
Navio reabastecedor/AOR Berrio replacementPortugal NavyProcurement
Navios Patrulhas Fluviais (NaPaFlu) da Classe Pedro TeixeiraBrazil NavyProcurement
Navios Patrulhas Fluviais (NaPaFlu) da Classe RoraimaBrazil NavyProcurement
Navy Blueprint 2013Indonesia Navy (TNI AL)Force planning
Navy Fast Supply Vessels (FSV)United Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Neptune 1 programmeHellenic NavyRefit
Neptune II programmeHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
New Attack Submarine (NSSN) - Virginia class nuclear powered submarine US NavyProcurement
New construction patrol vesselsSri Lanka NavyProcurement
New destroyer programmeRussia NavyProcurement
New Generation Patrol Craft (PC Class) programmeSingapore Police Coast GuardProcurement
New Generation Patrol Vessels (NGPV)/RMN PV project)Malaysia NavyProcurement
New generation police boatsAustralia NSW PoliceProcurement
New polar class icebreakerCanada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
New Submarine Project (Collins class)Australia NavyProcurement
New type nuclear powered submarineRussia NavyForce planning
New Type Submarine ProjectTurkey NavyProcurement
New-Generation Polar Research VesselUS National Science Foundation (NSF)Procurement
Next generation patrol vesselsSouth Africa NavyForce planning
Nirbhay subsonic cruise missileIndiaDevelopment
NS-935 patrol boatsIndonesia Maritime PoliceProcurement
Nuclear powered submarine projectBrazil NavyProcurement
Nuclear submarine projectSouth Korea NavyResearch and Development
Nucleo Basico Eficaz (NBE, Efficient Basic Core) investment planMinistry of Defence, PeruForce planning
NULKA Active Missile DecoyAustralia NavyProcurement
Nuova Unità Minore Combattente (NUMC)Italy NavyProcurement
Nuova Unita per il Pattugliamento d’Altura (NUPA)Italy NavyProcurement
Nyayo class corvette mid-life refitKenya NavyRefit
Ocean class AGORUS NavyProcurement
Oceanographic ship programmeKenya NavyProcurement
Offshore Fishery Science Vessels (OFSV)Canada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
Offshore Missile Vessel (OMV)Kuwait NavyProcurement
Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel (OOSV)Canada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
Offshore patrol vesselEquatorial Guinea NavyProcurement
Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) procurementMalaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)Procurement
Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) requirementCanada NavyForce planning
Offshore Patrol Vessel 6610Romania Border GuardProcurement
Offshore patrol vessel programmeMalta Armed ForcesProcurement
Offshore patrol vessel projectThailand NavyProcurement
Offshore patrol Vessel project 2009-2012Thailand NavyProcurement
Offshore patrol vessel replacementUK Scottish Fishery Protection Agency (SFPA)Procurement
Offshore patrol vesselsAlbania Coast GuardProcurement
Offshore Patrol Vessels Mark II (Castle class OPV)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Offshore Support and Training VesselKuwait NavyProcurement
Offshore tug projects 737P, 737K-type BK-600, Project 737M type BK-900 Soviet NavyProcurement
Offshore tugs type Ogre Project 8057Soviet NavyProcurement
Ohio class ballistic missile submarine (SCB 304)US NavyProcurement
Ohio Class SSBN SuccessorUS NavyForce planning
Ohio class SSGN conversionUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
Okean fishing vesselSoviet Ministry of FisheriesProcurement
Oksoy/Alta class automations systems upgradeNorway NavyConversion/Retrofit
Oksoy/Alta class MCMVNorway NavyProcurement
Oksoy/Alta class MCMV lifecycle managementNorway NavyLife cycle management
Oksoy/Alta class sonar systems upgradeNorway NavyConversion/Retrofit
Oliver Hazard Perry class missile frigate program (SCN 207/2081)US NavyProcurement
Olivier Hazard Perry Class frigate acquisitionPakistan NavyTransfer
Operation Enduring FriendshipUS Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM)Security assistance
OPV 70 corvette programmeMorocco NavyProcurement
OPV Anna Kakurukaze Mungunda programmeNamibia Ministry of Fisheries and Marine ResourcesProcurement
Oscar Dyson class fisheries survey vessel (FSV) programmeNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Procurement
Oscar Viel Toro replacementChile NavyProcurement
Osetr (Lake) class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Osprey class minehunter disposalUS NavyDisposal
Osprey-Class Minehunter projectHellenic NavyTransfer
Ouragan class acquisitionArgentina NavyTransfer
Outfit UAT Capability Upgrade ProjectUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
P 340 Patrol Boat programmeIraq NavyProcurement
P 570 Offshore Support Vessel programmeIraq NavyProcurement
P Series IV submarine cruiserSoviet NavyProcurement
P-46 Fast Patrol BoatKuwait Coast GuardProcurement
P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) programmeSoviet NavyDevelopment
P106 type type patrol boat programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
P2000 interceptor boatIndia Coast GuardProcurement
P37BRL missile vesselsKuwait NavyProcurement
PAAMS (Principal Anti Air Missile System) programmeMBDA SAS (Matra-BAE Dynamics-Alenia)Procurement
Pabna class riverine patrol craft Bangladesh NavyProcurement
Parchim class acquisitionIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Transfer
Parchim class re-enginingIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Conversion/Retrofit
Passenger craft, educational boat, marine craft projects 722, 722USoviet NavyProcurement
Patiño programSpain NavyProcurement
Patrol Boat (Yeni Tip Karakol Botu YTKB) projectTurkey NavyProcurement
Patrol boat acquisitionCambodia NavyProcurement
Patrol boat acquisitionMozambiqueProcurement
Patrol boat acquisitionSlovenia NavyProcurement
Patrol boat orderCyprusProcurement
Patrol boat order from HyundaiVietnam NavyProcurement
Patrol boat procurementIndonesiaProcurement
Patrol boat programmeMalaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)Procurement
Patrol boat projectQatar NavyProcurement
Patrol boat replacementBarbados Coast GuardProcurement
Patrol boat transferKazakhstan NavyTransfer
Patrol Craft (3rd Generation, PT Class, Southerly Class)Singapore Police Coast GuardProcurement
Patrol craft order from unidentified country (10 units)Couach SAProcurement
Patrol craft order from unidentified country (4 units)Couach SAProcurement
Patrol craft programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Patrol Killer Medium ROK (PKM) patrol boat acquisitionPhilippines NavyTransfer
Patrol Killer Medium ROK (PKM) patrol boat upgradePhilippines NavyRefit
Patrol Ship (Corvette) ProjectNetherlands NavyProcurement
Patrol ship programDenmark NavyProcurement
Patrol ships (Storm class PB) modernizationLithuania NavyRefit
Patrol vesselBelgium NavyProcurement
Patrol vessel and corvette programmeVenezuela NavyProcurement
Patrol vessel programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Patrol vessels command system upgradeNorway Coast GuardUpgrade
Patrol vessels programme (Diciotti class)Iraq NavyProcurement
Patrullera de Apoyo Fluvial Pesada PAFP (Nodriza Londono heavy river patrol boat programme)Colombia NavyProcurement
Patrullero de Zona Economica Exclusiva (OPV) programmeColombia NavyProcurement
Patrulleros de Alta Mar (PAM) programme [Patrullero Oceánico Multipropósito (POM)]Argentina NavyProcurement
Pauk I corvette acquisitionBulgaria NavyTransfer
PC-40 patrol boat programme (KAL 40?)Indonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Peacock class programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Período de Manutenção Geral (PMG) Brazil NavyRefit
Perry class frigates transferPortugal NavyTransfer
Phalanx Block 1B upgradeUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Phalanx close-in weapons system (Phalanx Mk 15 Block 1B upgrade)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Pirpolitis class patrol boat repeat order (Improved Osprey 55)Hellenic NavyProcurement
PKM 200 Sea Dolphin patrol boat acquisitionBangladesh NavyTransfer
PKX-A missile corvette project (PKM‐X)South Korea NavyProcurement
PKX-B hydrofoil patrol boatSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Plan Estratégico de Desarrollo Simón BolívarVenezuela Ministry of DefenceProcurement
Plan Estrategico Sectorial Multianual del Sector Defensa 2004-2006Peru NavyForce planning
Plan OrionColombia NavyForce planning
Pochtoviy single engine submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Polar 8 programmeCanada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
Polar Icebreaker ModernizationUS Coast GuardProcurement
Polar supply ship Agulhas replacementSouth Africa GovernmentProcurement
Pollution Control Systems for ShipsCanada NavyProcurement
Polnocny (Project 771/773/775/776) programPoland NavyProcurement
Polnocny C Export medium landing ship programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Polution control vessels (Navios de Combate à Poluição NCP 2001)Portugal NavyProcurement
Polyphem-S missile programmeGermany, France, ItalyDevelopment
Poti class corvette acquisitionBulgaria NavyTransfer
Poti class corvette disposalBulgaria NavyDisposal
PRF 320 class river patrol boat transferColombia NavyTransfer
Principe de Asturias 2002/2003 refitSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
Principe de Asturias mid-life upgradeSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
Prithvi ballistic missile programmeMinistry of Defence, Government of IndiaResearch and Development
Procurement of one 45T Bollard pull Tug at Tuticorin PortIndia Ministry of ShippingProcurement
Procurement of one Tug of 50T BP capacity in replacement of tug Sambhavi at Vizak PortIndia Ministry of ShippingProcurement
Procurement of Special Vessel for Navigation AidsIndonesia Ministry of Transportation (Dephub)Procurement
Programa de Calidad de Vida en el Mar (CAVIMAR)Spain NavyRefit
Programa de Reaparelhamento da Marinha (PRM)Brazil NavyProcurement
Programa Institucional de Desarrollo 2001-2006Mexico NavyForce planning
Programa Permanente de Substitución de Unidades NavalesMexico NavyProcurement
Programa Sectorial de Marina 2007-2012Mexico Secretario de Marina (SEMAR)Force planning
Programme de modernisation des chasseurs de mines tripartiteFrance NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 01090 Kashin modernizationSoviet NavyRefit
Project 01710 Makrel (Beluga) experimental submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 02065 Bogomol classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 02668 AgatRussia NavyProcurement
Project 08773 Kilo class submarine upgrade (Club-S)India NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 08773 Kilo class submarine upgrade (Club-S)India NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 09104 Kalkan-P programmeUkraine Border GuardProcurement
Project 09774 (Yankee Stretch) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 09780 Akson-2 (Yankee-Pod) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 09786 special purpose nuclear submarineRussia NavyRefit
Project 10210 BisonSoviet NavyForce planning
Project 10230 TurSoviet NavyForce planning
Project 1041.2 Svetlyak acquisitionVietnam NavyProcurement
Project 10410 Svetlyak programmeRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 106 landing craft programmeSoviet UnionProcurement
Project 106K/106KM (Vydra) landing craft programmeSoviet UnionProcurement
Project 10831 (Nor-Sub-5)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1123 Kondor (Moskva) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1124, 1124M and 1124KSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1124P and 1124PM (PSKR)KGBProcurement
Project 1134 Berkut (Kresta I)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1134A Berkut-A (Kresta II)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1134B Berkut-B (Kara)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1135/1135-P Burevestnik (Krivak I/II)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 11356 Talwar Batch 2 programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 11356 Talwar class programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 1135P (Project 11351) NereyRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 1141Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1143, 1143M (11433) Krechet (Kiev) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 11435 (Kuznetsov) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1144Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 11451Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 11510 (Belyanka)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 11540 Yastreb (Neustrashimyy)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1155 Fregat (Udaly)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1159/1159T/1159TR (Koni class frigate)Soviet UnionProcurement
Project 1159T Koni class refitAlgeria NavyRefit
Project 1164 Atlant (Slava) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 11660 GepardRussia NavyProcurement
Project 11661K GepardVietnam NavyProcurement
Project 11711 bolshoy desantnyy korabl (BDK) programmeRussia NavyProcurement
Project 1176 Akula (Ondatra)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 11770 Serna air cavity landing craftRussia NavyProcurement
Project 11980 diving tenderRussia NavyProcurement
Project 11982 research vesselRussia NavyProcurement
Project 11990 AncharSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1204M ShmelSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1206.1 MurenaIndia NavyProcurement
Project 12061 Murena (Tsaplya) programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12061E Murena (Tsaplya) programmeSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Project 1208 (Yaz) class programmeKGBProcurement
Project 12130 Ogonek river patrol boatRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 12150 Mangust programmeRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 12150M Mangust programmeRussia Ministry of Emergency and Disaster ReliefProcurement
Project 122/122A/122Bis submarine chaser programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12200 SobolRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 12300 missile fast attack craftRussia NavyProcurement
Project 1232, 12321 Dzheiran (Aist)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 12322 Zubr (Pomornik)China PLANProcurement
Project 12322 Zubr (Pomornik)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1234 Obod (Nanuchka) class programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12341 (Nanuchka III) class programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12347 (Nanuchka IV) class programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1234EIndia NavyProcurement
Project 1234E Nanuchka class refitAlgeria NavyRefit
Project 1239 Sivuch (Dergach) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1240 Uragan (Sarancha) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1241 RE (Tarantul I) Export programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1241 RE Tarantul I class missile corvettesVietnam NavyProcurement
Project 12411 programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12411 T (Tarantul) programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12412 Pauk ISoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12412P Pauk IRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 12417 (Tarantul) programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1241PE Pauk II class programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 1241PE Pauk II class re-enginingIndia NavyRefit
Project 12441 GromSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1248 (Vosh) class programmeKGBProcurement
Project 1249 (Piyavka) class programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 125 and 125AKGBProcurement
Project 1258EIndia NavyProcurement
Project 1259.2 Malakhit (Olya) programmeBulgaria NavyProcurement
Project 1265/1265-E (Sonya) programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12660 (Gorya, BAL-COM-7) programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 12700 Aleksandrit mine warfare vesselRussia NavyProcurement
Project 130 Bereza programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 133 Antares (Muravey) hydrofoil patrol boatKGBProcurement
Project 133 Parchim class programEast German NavyProcurement
Project 1331M Parchim-II programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1387 communications cutterSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1388/ 1388R Shelon torpedo retrieverSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1400 ZhukKGBProcurement
Project 1400ME (Zhuk) patrol boat programmeBulgaria Coast GuardProcurement
Project 14081 and 14081M minor patrol craftKGBProcurement
Project 14081 customs launchRussia Federal Customs ServiceProcurement
Project 14230 Sokzhoy patrol boat programmeRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 14232 MerkuriyRussia Federal Customs ServiceProcurement
Project 14310 Mirazh programmeRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 1452 Bars (Pamir)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1481 EboronSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1496M Morzh patrol boatRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 15 destroyer programIndia NavyProcurement
Project 1505 floating crane (self-propelled)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 151 Patrouillenboot/Kleines RaketenschiffEast German NavyProcurement
Project 1511 floating crane (self-propelled)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 15201 floating crane (self-propelled)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1526 supply shipSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1541 small tankerSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1580Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1589 Grenzboot-23 (GB-23) programmeEast German NavyProcurement
Project 159India NavyProcurement
Project 159India NavyDisposal
Project 159-MSoviet NavyConversion
Project 159/Project 159-ASoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1595 supply ship (Neon Antonov)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 15A Bangalore (Kolkata) destroyer programIndia NavyProcurement
Project 15B destroyer programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 16India NavyProcurement
Project 1606Soviet UnionProcurement
Project 16180 floating dock type PMT-TSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 16611 small hydrographic vesselSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 16900 PSKRSoviet UnionProcurement
Project 16AIndia NavyProcurement
Project 17India NavyProcurement
Project 1731 Andrei Korobitsyn type ferrySoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1778/ 17785/ 17786 floating dockSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1783 (Zeya)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1783A (Vala)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1785 landing craftSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1791 weapons transport shipSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1793 (Neman)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 1799 series (Pelym)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 17AIndia NavyProcurement
Project 1806 (Onega) acoustic trials shipRussia NavyProcurement
Project 1821 floating baseSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1823/1824 (Muna)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 18263 patrol boatRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 18271 underwater rescue deviceRussia NavyProcurement
Project 18280 Intelligence ShipRussia NavyProcurement
Project 183, 183T, 183TK, 183A, 183U, 183TSSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 183E, 183R, 183RU (Komar)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 188 tankodesantny korablSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 1886 (Ugra)Soviet UnionProcurement
Project 189 desantny korablSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 192/ 192А tugSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 19370/ 19371/ 19371U submarine floating dockSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 199 ASW craft MO-VI (P-6 ASW)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 19910 hydrographic vesselSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 19919Russian FederationProcurement
Project 19920 hydrographic vesselRussia NavyProcurement
Project 201 (SO-I) submarine chaser programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 201/201М/201Т (SO-1)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 20120 submarineRussia NavyResearch and Development
Project 20180Russia NavyProcurement
Project 2020 (Malina)Soviet UnionProcurement
Project 20380 programRussia NavyProcurement
Project 204Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 205, 205U (Osa I/II)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 205ME Osa II ExportIndia NavyProcurement
Project 205P StenkaKGBProcurement
Project 206 (Shershen) large torpedo boat programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 206FM Krogulec class upgradePoland NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 206ME (Turya) acquisitionVietnam NavyProcurement
Project 207DM Notec conversion programmePoland NavyProcurement
Project 207M/Project 207D Notec programmePoland NavyProcurement
Project 210 LosharikRussia NavyProcurement
Project 2100 KBO 2000 missile corvetteVietnam NavyProcurement
Project 21270 launchMinistry of Defence, Russian GovernmentProcurement
Project 21300S submarine rescue vesselRussia NavyProcurement
Project 21630 BuyanRussia NavyProcurement
Project 21700 coastal minesweeper Russia NavyProcurement
Project 21820Russia NavyProcurement
Project 220 (Sekstan)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 22010 oceanographic research vesselRussia NavyProcurement
Project 22120 customs vesselRussia Federal Customs ServiceProcurement
Project 22350 frigate (Gorshkov class)Russia NavyProcurement
Project 22460 border patrol shipRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 25 KhukriIndia NavyProcurement
Project 254 / 254-K / 254 - M / 254-A ( T-43 class )Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 257 KormoranPoland NavyProcurement
Project 25A KoraIndia NavyProcurement
Project 266MEIndia NavyProcurement
Project 2765 Tactical datalink-16 (TDL-16)Ministry of Defence, NorwayProcurement
Project 28 ASW corvette programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 29-K YastrebSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 30-Bis Smeliy (Skory)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 30-K OsmotritelniySoviet NavyProcurement
Project 300/301T/303 (Oskol) repair shipSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 304 (Amur) repair shipSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 3040 Svalbard Coast Guard Vessel projectNorway NavyProcurement
Project 3042 Nordkapp class coast guard vessel upgradeNorway Coast GuardConversion/Retrofit
Project 3047 Nordkapp class patrol vessels refit/accommodating new helicopterNorway Coast GuardRefit
Project 310 submarine tender (Don)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 3131 Intratheater Connector/Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV)US NavyResearch and Development
Project 314 floating baseSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 317 SukhonaSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 3195 JCC(X) Command Ship US NavyResearch and Development
Project 326Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 35 (Mirka)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 35-M (Mirka II)Soviet NavyRefit
Project 357 communications training ship Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 360KGBProcurement
Project 364 (Pozharny-1)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 371/ 371-Bis/ 371USoviet NavyProcurement
Project 41 NeustrashimiySoviet NavyProcurement
Project 42 Sokol (Kola)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 437HSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 50 Gornostai (Riga)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 502 (Mayak) trawlerSoviet Ministry of FisheriesProcurement
Project 502M (Olga) trawlerSoviet Ministry of FisheriesProcurement
Project 503 (Alpinist) anti-submarine patrol shipSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 503 (Alpinist) intelligence collection shipSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 503 Alpinist trawlerSoviet UnionProcurement
Project 503ROS and 503M/RR (Alpinist) patrol shipsRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 527/ 527P rescue tugSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 56 KotlinSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 56EM/56M KildinSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 57/57-Bis KrupnySoviet NavyProcurement
Project 58 Grozniy (Kynda) classSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 6026 NSM Norway NavyProcurement
Project 603 missile submarineSoviet NavyResearch and Development
Project 6088 Nansen class (F-310) classNorway NavyProcurement
Project 61 / 61-ME (Kashin)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 61-ME (Kashin)India NavyProcurement
Project 611 (Zulu)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 613 (Whiskey class) submarine programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 615 experimental submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 616 submarine studySoviet NavyResearch and Development
Project 617 submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 61MEIndia NavyProcurement
Project 61ME Kashin Mod class BrahMos Missile refitIndia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 621 Gawron programPoland NavyProcurement
Project 627 Kit (November) nuclear attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 627A Kit (November) nuclear attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 629 (Golf I) ballistic missile submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 6297 Combat Boat CB 90 N Hellfire conversionNorway NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 6307 AORNorway NavyProcurement
Project 633 (Romeo) class programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 6345 Type 210 Ula submarine upgradeNorway NavyUpgrade
Project 636China PLANProcurement
Project 636 submarine acquisitionAlgeria NavyProcurement
Project 636M programmeChina PLANProcurement
Project 641Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 641B Som (Tango) class programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 645 (November) nuclear attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 6457s Sprut patrol vesselRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project 651 missile submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 651E missile submarineSoviet NavyConversion
Project 651K missile submarineSoviet NavyConversion
Project 658 (Hotel I)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 658M (Hotel II) R-21 missile upgradeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 658S (Hotel) communications trials submarineSoviet NavyConversion
Project 658U (Hotel) communications submarineSoviet NavyConversion
Project 660 Orkan class patrol boat programmePoland NavyProcurement
Project 660M Orkan class patrol boat upgradePoland NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 661 (Papa class)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 6625 Type 025 (aluminium) and Type 026 (steel) Hu Chuang hydrofoil torpedo boatsChina PLANProcurement
Project 667A Navaga (Yankee) programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 667AK Akson-1 (Yankee-Pod) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 667AM Navaga-M (Yankee II) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 667AT Grusha (Yankee Notch) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 667AU Nalim (Yankee) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 667BDRM Delfin modernisation programmeRussia NavyRefit
Project 667M Andromeda (Yankee-Sidecar) modernisation programmeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 671 RT Semga (Victor II) nuclear powered attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 671 RTM Shchuka (Victor III) nuclear powered attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 671 RTMK Shchuka (Victor III) nuclear powered attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 671 Victor-I nuclear powered attack submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 671RTM (Victor-III) submarine disposalRussia NavyDisposal
Project 677 LadaRussia NavyProcurement
Project 677E/1650 AmurAdmiralteyskiye verfiProcurement
Project 68-A (Sverdlov) light cruiserSoviet NavyConversion
Project 68-Bis (Sverdlov) light cruiserSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 68-K (Chapaev) light cruiserSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 68-U1/68-U2 (Sverdlov) light cruiserSoviet NavyConversion
Project 683 missile submarineSoviet NavyResearch and Development
Project 688/ 688A (Bolva) floating barracksSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 70-E (Sverdlov SAM) light cruiserSoviet NavyConversion
Project 701 (Hotel III) R-29 missile upgradeSoviet NavyRefit
Project 71 Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) formerly Air Defence Ship (ADS) programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 712 (Sliva)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 714 (Goryn)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 718 shipbuilding programmeChina PLANProcurement
Project 722/ 722U/ УК-1Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 725/ 725A floating workshopSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 730/730ZH/730SM/730PKH tugSoviet UnionProcurement
Project 733/ 733P/ 733S Okhtenskiy tug and patrol vesselSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 734 floating workshopSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 745 ocean tug (Sorum)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 745P escort ship (Sorum)Russia Border GuardProcurement
Project 747/ 747.2 floating dock type SRPP-71Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 75India NavyProcurement
Project 75 HDW derived submarine programme (Type 75 submarine)India NavyProcurement
Project 75 Scorpene submarine programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Project 75A submarine projectIndia NavyProcurement
Project 76 Amur/Lada submarine projectIndia NavyProcurement
Project 768 floating dockSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 771B/ 771BA floating crane (self-propelled)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 78 Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV)India NavyProcurement
Project 814/ 814М/ 08142Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 82 Stalingrad heavy cruiserSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 850285Russia GovernmentProcurement
Project 877 EKM Kilo class Mid‐Life ModernizationAlgeria NavyRefit
Project 877/877EKM/877BRussia NavyProcurement
Project 877EPoland NavyProcurement
Project 877ERomania NavyProcurement
Project 877EKMAlgeria NavyProcurement
Project 877EKMChina PLANProcurement
Project 877EKMIndia NavyProcurement
Project 877EKMIran NavyProcurement
Project 877EKM Kilo class modernisationIran NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project 885 YasenRussia NavyProcurement
Project 890 logistic support shipPoland NavyProcurement
Project 8901 Boarding Capacity for Sjøheimevernet (SHV)Norway Defence Logistic Organization (NDLO) Procurement
Project 924 ASW corvettePoland NavyProcurement
Project 941 Akula (Typhoon) disposalRussia NavyDisposal
Project 941UM Dmitry Donskoi missile modernizationRussia NavyRefit
Project 949 GranitSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 949A AnteySoviet NavyProcurement
Project 949A Antey (Oscar II)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 95 experimental submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project 955 BoreyRussia NavyProcurement
Project 956Russia NavyProcurement
Project 956 Saruch (Sovremenniy)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project 956EChina PLANProcurement
Project 97 icebreakerSoviet UnionProcurement
Project 971/971M Shchuka-B (Akula class)Soviet NavyProcurement
Project A615 submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Project Adjusting MCM capability/Project Aanpassing Mijnenbestrijdingscapaciteit (PAM)Belgium NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project Adjusting MCM capability/Project Aanpassing Mijnenbestrijdingscapaciteit (PAM)Netherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project Al Saber 34m GRP fast patrol boatsUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Coast GuardProcurement
Project AlamandaUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project AV611 (Zulu) ballistic missile conversionSoviet NavyConversion
Project BaynunahUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Project C 67 AFrance NavyProcurement
Project C 70 AAFrance NavyProcurement
Project C 70 ASMFrance NavyProcurement
Project Coupé and follow-on projectsSouth Africa NavyProcurement
Project Embarcations de Brigade de Surveillance du Littoral et Portuaire (EBSLP)France Gendarmerie MaritimeProcurement
Project Fast Raiding, Interception, and Special Forces Craft (FRISC)Netherlands NavyProcurement
Project Ghannatha 23m amphibious transport boatsUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Project HOVNetherlands NavyProcurement
Project I641India NavyProcurement
Project I641KCuba NavyProcurement
Project I641KIndia NavyProcurement
Project I641KLibyan NavyProcurement
Project Instandhouding M-fregatten (Karel Doorman class frigate life extension project)Netherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project JaponicaSouth Africa NavyProcurement
Project JP 2027Australia NavyProcurement
Project JP 2048 Phase 1A Amphibious Watercraft SystemAustralia NavyProcurement
Project Khareef Ocean Patrol Vessel (OPV)Oman NavyProcurement
Project Luchtverdedigings- en Commando fregatten (LCF)Netherlands NavyProcurement
Project M1216 AOPS Arctic/Offshore Patrol ShipCanada NavyProcurement
Project MahmalOman NavyProcurement
Project MawjOman NavyProcurement
Project MR3 Refit of submarine Shalki (Yard no. 72172)India NavyRefit
Project MR4 Refit of submarine Shankul (Yard no. 72173)India NavyRefit
Project MuheetOman NavyProcurement
Project MuraenaHowaldtswerke – Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW)Development
Project nieuwbouw jetgedreven tendersNetherlands Pilot ServiceProcurement
Project Nieuwbouw LoodsvaartuigenNetherlands Pilot ServiceProcurement
Project P1415 Kulik/PV1415 Flamingo patrol craft programmeRussia Border GuardProcurement
Project P611 (Zulu) cruise missile conversionSoviet NavyConversion
Project preciesie geleide wapens tegen landdoelen (Land attack cruise missile retrofit project)Netherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project ProtectorRoyal New Zealand NavyProcurement
Project Re-introducing Minesweeping Capability (Herintroductie Mijnenveegcapaciteit)Netherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project S1314- The ICR Gas Turbine Engine programUS NavyResearch and Development
Project SalalahUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesConversion/Retrofit
Project Scorpene (S-80 class)Spain NavyProcurement
Project SEA 1654Australia NavyProcurement
Project SEA 4000 Air Warfare Destroyer programme (AWD)Australia NavyProcurement
Project SeabirdIndia NavyProcurement
Project Sitron (MEKO-A200SA program)South Africa NavyProcurement
Project SMP 6081 (Hauk upgrade)Norway NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project SMP 6081 (Skjold prototype construction)Norway NavyProcurement
Project SMP 6300 Skjold lead unit conversionNorway NavyProcurement
Project SMP 6300 Skjold series productionNorway NavyProcurement
Project Stiletto – Distributed Adaptive OperationsUS DOD Office of Force Transformation (OFT)Procurement
Project SUVECS (ex Project Diodon)South Africa NavyProcurement
Project T368/S368/P368/368RSSoviet NavyProcurement
Project Tarif 45United Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesConversion/Retrofit
Project Tweede Landing Platform Dock (LPD-2)Netherlands NavyProcurement
Project Upgrade Harpoon missilesNetherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Project V611 (Zulu) ballistic missile conversionSoviet NavyConversion
Project Vervanging L-fregattenNetherlands NavyProcurement
Projected Type 052D missile destroyer programmeChina PLANProcurement
Projekt SK 30 (20m Rescue Vessel)German Maritime Search and Rescue ServiceProcurement
Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)United StatesStrategy
Prosjekt 6601 Hurtiggående Patruljebåt (HPB) til Indre Kystvakt Norway Defence Logistic Organization (NDLO) Procurement
Province class missile patrol boat acquisitionOman NavyProcurement
Proyecto 97-060Iceland Marine Research InstituteProcurement
Proyecto BuqueColombia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Proyecto CaribeMexico NavyProcurement
Proyecto CentenarioMexico NavyProcurement
Proyecto Danubio IIChile NavyProcurement
Proyecto Danubio IIIChile NavyProcurement
Proyecto Danubio IV (Patrullero de Zona Marítima)Chile NavyProcurement
Proyecto de Reparación Media Vida del Submarino A.R.A. “SAN JUAN” – Proyecto BIM MIL 379 16/00/129 Argentina NavyRefit
Proyecto del Buque de Proyeccion Estrategica (BPE)Spain NavyProcurement
Proyecto Faro (Plataforma Estratégica de Superficie PES)Colombia NavyForce planning
Proyecto FragataChile NavyProcurement
Proyecto LANZA-NSpain Direccion General de Armamento y Material (DGAM)Development
Proyecto Medusa (Research vessel Vidal Gormaz replacement)Chile NavyProcurement
Proyecto MODERSAMinisterio de Salud Pública, EcuadorProcurement
Proyecto NeptunoChile NavyProcurement
Proyecto PuenteChile NavyTransfer
Proyecto Puente II (Acquisition of four Dutch frigates)Chile NavyTransfer
Proyecto Puente III (Type 23 frigate acquisition)Chile NavyTransfer
Proyecto RhinChile Dirección General del Territorio Marítimo y Marina Mercante (DIRECTEMAR)Procurement
Proyecto Rhin (25-ft Defender)Chile Dirección General del Territorio Marítimo y Marina Mercante (DIRECTEMAR)Procurement
Proyecto Rhin (42-ft Arcángel)Chile Dirección General del Territorio Marítimo y Marina Mercante (DIRECTEMAR)Procurement
PSK Mk 5 projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
PSMM-5 programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
PT PAL corvette programme (Korvet Nasional)Indonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Punta class patrol boat upgradeVenezuela National GuardConversion/Retrofit
PV 06 patrol boat programmeFinland Frontier Guard (Rajavartiolaitos)Procurement
Qaaem (Ghaaem) submarine programmeIran NavyProcurement
Qadir (Ghadir) class submarine programmeIran NavyProcurement
Quarta unità anfibia requirementItaly NavyForce planning
R/V CAPE HENLOPEN Replacement VesselUniversity of DelawareProcurement
Rapid Reaction Boat Project (Kaan-15/MRTP15)Turkey Coast Guard CommandProcurement
Rapid Strategic Lift Ship (RSLS)US NavyResearch and Development
Rauma class fast attack craft missileFinland NavyConstruction
RBS 15 Mk 3 missile programmeSaab Bofors, SwedenDevelopment
Reaparelhamento e Adequação da Marinha do BrasilBrazil Ministry of DefenceProgramme
Refit of Zubr class MDK-50 prior to transfer to GreeceRosvooruzhenieConversion/Retrofit
Regional Class Research Vessel Design and ConstructionUS NavyProcurement
Repairs of Ocean Patrol Vessel ‘Benito Juárez’ (PO-142) Mexico NavyRepair
Repeat order for Project 1241RE corvettesIndia NavyProcurement
Replace Law Enforcement Patrol Vessels StatewideAlaska Department of Public SafetyProcurement
Replacement fleet tanker India NavyProcurement
Replacement Heavyweight TorpedoAustralia NavyProcurement
Replacement minehunterItaly NavyForce planning
Replacement of two Harbour tugs with 32T Bollard Pull Harbour Tugs at MbPTIndia Ministry of ShippingProcurement
Replacement Patrol Boat (Armidale class patrol boat)Australia NavyProcurement
Replenishment oiler replacementRoyal New Zealand NavyProcurement
Replenishment Oiler Succes ModernisationAustralia NavyUpgrade
Replenishment ship ‘Amsterdam’ modernisation projectNetherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Replenishment ship Aditya programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Requirement for catamaran troop carrierOman NavyProcurement
Rescue 21 (formerly National Distress and Response System Modernization Project)US Coast GuardProcurement
Rescue and Towing Ship (RATSHIP) Project/Kurtarma ve Yedekleme Gemisi (RATSHIP) ProjesiTurkey NavyProcurement
Research Icebreaker projectKorea Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF)Procurement
Response Boat - Small (RB-S) ProjectUS Coast GuardProcurement
Response Boat - Small (RB-S) ProjectUS CustomsProcurement
Response Boat – Medium (RB-M) ProjectUS Coast GuardProcurement
Response Boat (Small) 50-knot patrol craftNigeria NavyProcurement
RIB 33SC High Speed Interception Craft acquisitionBangladesh NavyProcurement
RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)US NavyDevelopment
River gunboat (Huallaga) programmePeru NavyProcurement
Rodman 101 and 55 constructionCameroon NavyProcurement
Rodman 101 Patrol boat programmeSpain Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia CivilProcurement
Rodman 101 procurementSpain Dirección Adjunta de Vigilancia Aduanera (Customs)Procurement
Rodman 101 procurementSurinam NavyProcurement
Rodman 55 Patrol boat programmeSpain Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia CivilProcurement
Rodman 55 procurementSurinam NavyProcurement
Rodman 58 patrol boat programmeSpain Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia CivilProcurement
Rodman 66 patrol boat programmeSpain Servicio Maritimo de la Guardia CivilProcurement
Rodman 66 training craft programmeSpain NavyProcurement
Rodman Polyships patrol boat programmeMorocco NavyProcurement
Rodman Polyships patrol boatsVenezuela NavyProcurement
Rodmar Polyships fishery patrol boatsNicaraguaProcurement
Rolls-Royce 80m OPVSpain GovernmentProcurement
Romanian Type 22 acquisitionRomania NavyTransfer
Romanian Type 22 frigate Phase 1 refitRomania NavyConversion/Retrofit
Romanian Type 22 frigate Phase 2 refitRomania NavyConversion/Retrofit
Ropucha class SDK/BDK programmeSoviet NavyProcurement
Roraima class river patrol ship modernizationBrazil NavyConversion/Retrofit
Route Survey System (RSS)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Royal Navy Tomahawk Integration (RNTI) programUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
RPB 20 ES programmeSouth African Police Service (SAPS)Procurement
RPB 20 type patrol boat programmeMorocco NavyProcurement
RSLS Intratheater ConnectorsUS NavyProcurement
Rushcutter catamaran minehunter programAustralia NavyProcurement
Russian Project 20382 corvetteIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Russian Project 956EM (Sovremenny) destroyer programmeChina PLANProcurement
Russian-Finnish icebreaker projectRussian FederationProcurement
S Series IX submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
S Series IX-Bis submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
S Series XVI submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
S-70 class submarine modernizationSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
S-70 class submarine sonar modernizationSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
S-MB-10 submarine designBrazil NavyProcurement
Saar 5+ corvette programIsrael NavyProcurement
Saar V programIsrael NavyProcurement
Saar V upgradeIsrael NavyRefit
Saar-4 OPV (2004 Olympic Games)Hellenic Coast GuardProcurement
Sagarika (Oceanic) programmeMinistry of Defence, Government of IndiaResearch and Development
Salvage vessel programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Samar corvette programmeIndia Coast GuardProcurement
Sandhayak class programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Sandown class disposalUK Royal NavyDisposal
Sandown class mine countermeasures vessels acquisitionEstonia NavyTransfer
Sandown Single Role Minehunter (SRMH)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Santa Maria (FFG 7) programSpain NavyProcurement
Santa Maria (FFG-7) class mid-life upgradeSpain NavyConversion/Retrofit
SAR Lifeboat Replacement (47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB) acquisitionCanada Coast Guard (CCG)Procurement
SAR-35 Boats Modernization Project/SAR-35 Botu Modernizasyon Projesi)Turkey Coast Guard CommandRefit
Sawari I projectSaudi Arabia NavyProcurement
Sawari II ProjectSaudi Arabia NavyProcurement
SCB 178 (Tullibee attack submarine)US NavyProcurement
SCB 180/SCB 180AUS NavyProcurement
SCB 188 A and SCB 188 M (Sturgeon class attack submarine)US NavyProcurement
SCB 216/SCB 216AUS NavyProcurement
SCB 245 (Sturgeon class attack submarine Narwhal)US NavyProcurement
Scimitar Class Fast Training Craft programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
SCOMBA (Sistemas de Combate de Buques de la Armada)Spain NavyResearch and Development
Scorpene submarine projectRoyal Malaysian Navy Submarine Force Project Team (RMNSFPT)Procurement
Scrapping of Tromp class missile frigatesNetherlands NavyDisposal
SDB Mk IIIIndia NavyProcurement
SEA 1363 Pacific Patrol Boat half-life refitAustraliaConversion/Retrofit
SEA 1363 Pacific Patrol Boat projectAustraliaProcurement
SEA 1363 Pacific Patrol Boat project extensionAustraliaConversion/Retrofit
SEA 1654 Phase 2A Maritime Operational Support Capability (Westralia replacement)Australia NavyConversion
SEA 4000 Phase 2 Air Warfare Destroyer Design ActivityAustralia NavyDesign services
SEA 4000 Phase 3 Air Warfare Destroyer BuildAustralia NavyConstruction
SEA 4000 Phase 3.1 Aegis Combat SystemAustralia NavyProcurement
Sea Base Connector Transformable Craft (T-Craft)US Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR)Research and Development
Sea Basing conceptUS NavyForce planning
Sea Keeper 715 landing craft programmeBahrain NavyProcurement
Sea SLICE advanced technology demonstration vesselLockheed MartinResearch and Development
Sea Whale programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Sea Wolf Block 2 programme/Sea Wolf Mid Life Update (SWMLU)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX)US Missile Defense Agency (MDA)Procurement
SeaArk Model 40’ V Dauntless-class patrol craft acquisitionHaiti Coast GuardProcurement
SEAL Insertion, Observation, and Neutralization (SEALION) craftUS NavyProcurement
Search and Rescue Vessels programmeVietnam Coast GuardProcurement
Seawolf class nuclear powered submarine US NavyProcurement
Segura class minhunter programmeSpain NavyProcurement
Serviola class programSpain NavyProcurement
Shaldag Mk II fast patrol boatEquatorial Guinea NavyProcurement
Shaldag Mk II programmeIsrael NavyProcurement
SHCH Series III submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
SHCH Series V submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
SHCH Series X submarineSoviet NavyProcurement
Ship Life Extension Programme (SLEP)Malaysia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Shipborne information systems capability upgradeAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Shirane class helicopter destroyer programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Short Range Prosecutor (SRP)US Coast GuardProcurement
SiComBar ProjectBrazil NavyDevelopment
SIGINT vessel/MIMREM projectFrance NavyProcurement
Sigma corvette programmeMorocco NavyProcurement
Sigma corvette projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Simonneau SM 465Malaysia Marine Operations Force (Marine Police)Procurement
SINA missile patrol craft programmeIran NavyProcurement
Single-Class Surface Combatant (SCSC) project (formerly Single Ship Transition)Canada NavyProcurement
Sir Bedivere 1994-1998 Ship Life Extension Refit (LSL/SLEP Project)UK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Sir Lancelot LST programUK Royal NavyProcurement
SIRIUS - Advanced Electro-Optic SensorCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Sirius IR system projectNetherlands NavyProcurement
Sjoormen class submarine acquisition (Riken Project)Singapore NavyTransfer
Sjoormen class submarine tropicalization (Riken Project)Singapore NavyConversion/Retrofit
SK-5000 KMHC programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
SK-5000 KMSH programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Skipataekni, Project 1461Huginn Hf.Procurement
Skipataekni, Project 2439Haraldur Bödvarsson Hf.Procurement
SLAT anti-torpedo systemEuroslat consortiumDevelopment
Small marine tanker project 1844, 1844D, 1844M, marine tankers vodonalivnye projects 1844V, 18444 code «Cairo»Soviet NavyProcurement
Small Water-Plane-Area Twin Hull (SWATH) Coastal Mapping VesselNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Procurement
Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) revenue cuttersGermany Federal Customs AdministrationProcurement
SNLE-NG programme (Le Triomphant class)France NavyProcurement
Sodermanland class conversionSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Solarsub sonarSpain NavyProcurement
Som class submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
Sonar 2054 Inboard Replacement (IR) programmeUK Royal NavyUpgrade
Sonar 2087 retrofit for Type 23 frigatesUK Royal NavyRetrofit
Sonar 2170 - Surface Ship Torpedo Defence (SSTD) UK Royal NavyProcurement
Soya minelayerJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
SPARTAN Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD)US NavyResearch and Development
Special Purpose Craft - Air (SPC-AIR) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
Special Purpose Craft - Law Enforcement (SPC-LE) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
Special Purpose Craft - Shallow Water (SPC-SW) programmeUS Coast GuardProcurement
Special Purpose Craft – Near Shore Lifeboat (SPC-NLB)US Coast GuardProcurement
Spica III class 1999 refit contractSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Spica III programSweden NavyProcurement
Spruance class destroyer disposalUS NavyDisposal
Spruance class destroyer program (SCN 275)US NavyProcurement
Squadron 2000Finland NavyConstruction
SRC 90E acquisitionDenmark NavyProcurement
Sri Gaya Class Fast Troop VesselMalaysia NavyProcurement
SS PO 2000 (Type 209PN) programmePortugal NavyProcurement
SSBN Engineered Refueling Overhaul (ERO) (BLI 211300)US NavyRefit
SSN Engineered Refueling Overhaul (ERO) (BLI 211100)US NavyRefit
ST 1400 (Endurance) class LPD programmeSingapore NavyProcurement
ST-610 patrol vessel programme (Nye Indre Kystvaktfartøy)Norway Coast GuardProcurement
ST-610L Reine programmeNorway Defence Logistic Organization (NDLO) Procurement
Stalbas replacement (KV Harstad)Norway Coast GuardProcurement
Stan Patrol 2606 programmeVenezuela Coast GuardProcurement
Standard Frigate programme (Kortenaer class)Netherlands NavyProcurement
Standard missileSpain NavyProcurement
Standard missile SM-2Spain NavyProcurement
Standard Vessel Mk I Miscellaneous Auxiliary programmeDenmark NavyProcurement
Standard Vessel Mk II patrol boat programmeDenmark NavyProcurement
Stanflex 300 programmeDenmark NavyProcurement
State Armaments Program to 2015Russia NavyForce planning
Steel dumb barge operating platforms for the Hong Kong Police ForceHong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
Steel patrol vessels vessels for the Customs and Excise DepartmentHong Kong Marine DepartmentProcurement
Sting Ray Life Extension - Lightweight Torpedo (SRLE - LWT)[Sting Ray Mod 1]UK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Stirling AIP propulsion for submarinesJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Research and Development
Storm class patrol boat programmeNorway NavyProcurement
Strategic transport shipBelgium NavyProcurement
Strategisch AkkoordNetherlands NavyDisposal
Strategisch plan voor de modernisering van het Belgisch leger 2000-2015BelgiumForce planning
Stridsstödsfartyg (L10)Sweden NavyProcurement
Strike craft upgrade (Reshef class)South Africa NavyRefit
Submarine 2000Sweden NavyProcurement
Submarine A 26/nästa generations ubåt (NGU)Sweden NavyProcurement
Submarine Capability Life Extension Project (SCLE)/Victoria class submarine acquisitionCanada NavyTransfer
Submarine construction programme (ConSub)Brazil NavyProcurement
Submarine Equipment Life ExtensionCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Submarine escape and rescue (Remora project)Australia NavyProcurement
Submarine Escape and Rescue CapabilityCanada NavyProcurement
Submarine modernization programme (ModSub)Brazil NavyConversion/Retrofit
Submarine programmeBangladesh NavyProcurement
Submarine programmeTaiwan NavyProcurement
Submarine projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Submarine Project 2012-2017Thailand NavyProcurement
Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP)/Denizaltı Kurtarma Ana Gemisi (MOSHIP) Projesi)Turkey NavyProcurement
Submarine rescue vehicleSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Submarine Support and Rescue Vessel (SSRV) programmeSingapore NavyProcurement
Successor Identification Friend or Foe (SIFF)UK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Sugashima-class Nautis-3M upgradeJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Conversion/Retrofit
Sukanya corvette programmeIndia NavyProcurement
Sumjinkang programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Super Dvora Mk I programmeIsrael NavyProcurement
Super Dvora Mk II Extra Fast Attack Craft (XFAC) India NavyProcurement
Super Dvora Mk III programmeIsrael NavyProcurement
Survey Motor Launch UpgradeAustralia NavyConversion/Retrofit
Sustained Surface Combatant Capability Pathfinder (S2C2)UK Royal NavyIndustrial strategy
Svyatoi Georgiy (Laurenti design) submarineRussia Navy (Imperial Russian Navy)Procurement
SwampWorksUS NavyResearch and Development
Swift Boat Mark IUS NavyProcurement
Swift Boat Mark IIUS NavyProcurement
Swift Boat Mark IIIUS NavyProcurement
Swiftsure & Trafalgar Class Update UK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
T-43 class minesweeper programBangladesh NavyProcurement
T-AGS Oceanographic Survey ShipUS NavyProcurement
T-AOE(X) Fast Combat Support Ship programmeUS NavyProcurement
T50A naval training shipAlgeria NavyProcurement
Tachikaze class missile destroyer programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System (TTWCS) programmeUS NavyProcurement
Tae Pung Yang I (3001) programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Tae Pung Yang II (3002) programSouth Korea Maritime Police AgencyProcurement
Takami class minesweeperJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Takatsuki class destroyerJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Takatsuki class destroyer conversionJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Conversion/Retrofit
Tango Bravo Submarine ProjectUS NavyResearch and Development
Tanker Project 15966India NavyProcurement
TaranginiIndia NavyProcurement
TEFEN 2012 planIsrael Defense Forces (IDF)Force planning
Temsah class medium harbour tugs (fire-fighting boats)United Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesProcurement
Tender Klasse 404Germany NavyProcurement
Tenix 56m SAR programPhilippines Coast GuardProcurement
Tenix 56m SAR/35m SAR programPhilippines Coast GuardProcurement
TF-2000 programmeTurkey NavyProcurement
Theater Support Vessel (TSV) programmeUS ArmyProcurement
Thetis class corvette upgradeHellenic NavyConversion/Retrofit
Thetis class corvette upgradeHellenic NavyRefit
Thor 91 derivative patrol boat program (Thor 991)Thailand NavyProcurement
Through Deck Cruiser programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Tiefseeforschungsschiff (Nachfolge Forschungsschiff „Sonne“)German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)Force planning
TirIndia NavyProcurement
TNC 45 (Sea Wolf) programmeSingapore NavyProcurement
TNC 45 Platform OverhaulUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) Naval ForcesConversion/Retrofit
TNC 62 (Victory class) missile corvette programmeSingapore NavyProcurement
Tobruk LST programAustralia NavyProcurement
Tomahawk Block IV land attack cruise missile programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Towed Integrated Active-Passive Sonar (TIAPS)Canada NavyResearch and Development
TR 1700 ARA programArgentina NavyProcurement
Trafalgar (S-107) refitUK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Training and marine craft project UK-3Soviet NavyProcurement
Training vesselsSweden NavyProcurement
Transfer of LPD Trenton (LPD14)India NavyTransfer
Transfer of Osprey class minehuntersEgyptian NavyTransfer
Transfer of Portuguese João Belo-class frigatesUruguay NavyTransfer
Transfer of Project 918M Pilica class patrol boatsLatvia NavyTransfer
Transfer of ʼTrinkatʼ class patrol boatMaldives Coast GuardTransfer
Tribal Class Update and Modernization Project (TRUMP)Canada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Trident Submarine ReplacementUK Royal NavyConstruction
Trilateral frigate programmeNetherlands, Spain, GermanyProcurement
TrinkatIndia NavyProcurement
Tripartite (Alkmaar) class minehunter disposalNetherlands NavyDisposal
Tripartite (Alkmaar) class minehunter transferLatvia NavyTransfer
Tripartite minehunter programIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Tripartite minehunter programPakistan NavyProcurement
Tripartite minehunter programTripartite minehunder program officeProcurement
Tripartite minehunter transferBulgaria NavyTransfer
Trishul air defence systemIndia NavyProcurement
TRS-3D radar upgrade for coast guard vesselsNorway Coast GuardRetrofit
Tsugaru (PLH-02) programJapan Coast GuardProcurement
Tsurugi class patrol boat programmeJapan Coast GuardProcurement
Tug constructionBangladesh NavyProcurement
Tursas class patrol vessel conversionFinland Frontier Guard (Rajavartiolaitos)Conversion
Turunmaa class disposalFinland NavyDisposal
Turunmaa class programmeFinland NavyProcurement
Type 0111 corvette (?) programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 022 Catamaran Fast Attack Craft (Missile) 2208-seriesChina PLANProcurement
Type 024 missile fast attack craftChina PLANProcurement
Type 027 torpedo boatChina PLANProcurement
Type 03 (6603) Whiskey class submarine programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 031 (6631) Golf class ballistic missile submarineChina PLANProcurement
Type 033 (6633) Romeo class submarine programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 037 coastal patrol craftChina PLANProcurement
Type 037-IG missile patrol craftChina PLANProcurement
Type 037-II Houjian missile patrol craftChina PLANProcurement
Type 037-IS Haiqing corvetteChina PLANProcurement
Type 037-X coastal patrol craft (Modified Type 037-I)China PLANProcurement
Type 038 corvetteChina PLANProcurement
Type 039 and Type 039A (Song) programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 041 (Yuan) submarine programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 051 / 051G Luda construction programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 051 Luda modernisation programmeChina PLANConversion/Retrofit
Type 051B Luhai missile destroyerChina PLANProcurement
Type 051C construction programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 051D destroyerChina PLANForce planning
Type 051S missile destroyerChina PLANForce planning
Type 052 (Harbin) and Type 052G (Qingdao) destroyer programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 052 Harbin refitChina PLANConversion/Retrofit
Type 052B missile destroyer programChina PLANProcurement
Type 052C missile destroyer programChina PLANProcurement
Type 053K (Jiangdong) construction programChina PLANProcurement
Type 053Q (Jiangnan)China PLANProcurement
Type 054 Jiangkai I missile frigate programChina PLANProcurement
Type 054A Jiangkai II missile frigate programChina PLANProcurement
Type 054B Jiangkai III missile frigate programChina PLANProcurement
Type 055 destroyer/frigate programmeChina PLANDesign services
Type 062China PLANProcurement
Type 071 Wu Deng LPD programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 072 II large tank landing shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 072 large tank landing shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 072III large tank landing shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 073 medium landing shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 073II medium landing shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 073III medium landing shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 074 landing craft utilityChina PLANProcurement
Type 074A catamaran landing craft utilityChina PLANProcurement
Type 081 LHDChina PLANProcurement
Type 082A Minehunter (Type 821?)China PLANProcurement
Type 082G Minesweeper (Type 821?)China PLANProcurement
Type 085 aircraft carrierChina PLANProcurement
Type 089 aircraft carrierChina PLANProcurement
Type 091 (Han) nuclear-powered attack submarine programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 092 (Xia) programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 093 programChina PLANProcurement
Type 094 programChina PLANProcurement
Type 095 submarine programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 12 Whitby programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 122 and Type 123 Combat Systems upgradeGermanyConversion/Retrofit
Type 123 frigate programmeGermany NavyProcurement
Type 123 upkeepGermany NavyRefit
Type 124 programGermany NavyProcurement
Type 125 frigate programmeGermany NavyProcurement
Type 130 (Korvette Klasse 130) programmeGermany NavyProcurement
Type 143 (Klasse 143) acquisitionTunisia NavyTransfer
Type 143 programme (FK Schnelboote Klasse 143)Germany NavyProcurement
Type 206 (Klasse 206) programmeGermany NavyProcurement
Type 206 (Klasse 206) programme subcontractHowaldtswerke – Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW)Procurement
Type 206A submarine acquisitionEgyptian NavyTransfer
Type 209 Life Extension RefitChile NavyRefit
Type 209/1100 HN programme (Glavkos)Hellenic NavyProcurement
Type 209/1100 HN programme (Poseiden)Hellenic NavyProcurement
Type 209/1200 Angamos programmePeru NavyProcurement
Type 209/1200 ARA programArgentina NavyProcurement
Type 209/1200 Islay programmePeru NavyProcurement
Type 209/1200 programmeTurkey NavyProcurement
Type 209/1200 submarine modernisation programmeColombia NavyRefit
Type 209/1200 submarine programmeColombia NavyProcurement
Type 209/1300 Ecuador programEcuador NavyProcurement
Type 209/1300 Ecuador Refit 1983-1985Ecuador NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type 209/1300 Ecuador Refit 1990-1994Ecuador NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type 209/1300 Ecuador Refit 2008-2012Ecuador NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type 209/1300 programIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Type 209/1300 submarine projectIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Procurement
Type 209/1400 (IK67, Tupi class)Brazil NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 (IK67, Tupi class)Brazil NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 (Improved Tupi class) programmeBrazil NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 AIP submarine projectHellenic NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 MOD (SAN) programmeSouth Africa NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 programmeTurkey NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 programme (second batch)Turkey NavyProcurement
Type 209/1400 programme (third batch)Turkey NavyProcurement
Type 209/1500India NavyProcurement
Type 209/1500 upgradeIndia NavyRefit
Type 21 Tariq class frigate upgradePakistan NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type 210 Ula ProgrammeNorway NavyProcurement
Type 210 Ula submarine upgradeNorway NavyUpgrade
Type 212 A Batch 2 programmeGermany NavyProcurement
Type 212 A programGermany NavyProcurement
Type 212 A programItaly NavyProcurement
Type 218 patrol boat programmeChina (PRC) Peoples Armed Police Force (CAPF)Procurement
Type 22 Batch II DisposalUK Royal NavyDisposal
Type 23 programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 25 T frigateThailand NavyProcurement
Type 2700 ramped vehicle cargo ship programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 271 II landing craft utility programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 271 IIIA amphibious vessel programme (Yuhai/Wuhu-A)China PLANProcurement
Type 271 landing craft utility programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 333 conversionGermany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type 352 conversionGermany NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type 41 frigate disposalUK Royal NavyDisposal
Type 41 frigate programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 42 class disposalUK Royal NavyDisposal
Type 45 Anti Air Warfare destroyer program (1st Batch)UK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 61 frigate disposalUK Royal NavyDisposal
Type 61 frigate programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 618BII patrol vessel programmeChina (PRC) Peoples Armed Police Force (CAPF)Procurement
Type 645 Oceanographic Survey ShipChina, People’s Republic (PRC) GovernmentProcurement
Type 6601 Chengdu (Riga class) programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 6604 (Kronstadt) submarine chaser programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 6605 and Type 6610 (Soviet T-43) minesweeper programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 6621 (Type 021) missile patrol boat programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 6641 submarine chaser programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 702 Replenishment Ship (Einsatzgruppenversorger Klasse 702)Germany NavyProcurement
Type 718 patrol boat programmeChina (PRC) Peoples Armed Police Force (CAPF)Procurement
Type 724 Payi air cushion landing craft programmeChina PLANProcurement
Type 81 Tribal Class General Purpose FrigatesUK Royal NavyProcurement
Type 813 Ocean Electronic Surveillance ShipChina PLANProcurement
Type 905 programmeGermany NavyProcurement
Type 909A synthesis experimental ship China PLANProcurement
Type 920 hospital shipChina PLANProcurement
Type 925 Dajiang Class Ocean Salvage & Rescue ShipChina PLANProcurement
Type A 19 Gotland class mid-lfe modernizationSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Type A 69 (D’Estienne d’Orves class) patrol ship conversionFrance NavyConversion
Type A69 frigate acquisitionTurkey NavyTransfer
Type MTM LCM programmeDirezione Generale degli Armamenti Navali (NAVARM)Procurement
Type R22 Fuchi class AORChina PLANProcurement
Type RR 4.2 Patrol boatsRomania Border GuardProcurement
UK Co-operative Engagement Capability (UKCEC) – Frigate and Destroyer ProgrammeUK Royal NavyForce planning
ULA-class submarines communications and data-link systems upgradeNorway NavyUpgrade
Ulstein Nordvesconsult AS, Project 2439Gjögur Hf.Procurement
Ultra High Frequency Military Satellite CommunicationsCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Underwater DefenceCanada NavyConversion/Retrofit
Underwater Operations Teams for Taaruz Boats Movement (SAT Craft) Procurement Project/Sualtı Taaruz Timleri Harekatı İçin İntikal Botları (SAT Botu) Tedarik ProjesTurkey NavyProcurement
Unified Midterm Development and Modernization Program (EMPAE) 2001-2005Hellenic Ministry of DefenceForce planning
Unified Midterm Development and Modernization Program (EMPAE) 2006-2010Hellenic Ministry of DefenceForce planning
Unified Midterm Development and Modernization Program (EMPAE) 2006‐2015Hellenic Ministry of DefenceForce planning
Unità di Supporto Logistico (LSS)Italy NavyProcurement
United Kingdom Co-operative Engagament Capability (UKCEC)UK Royal NavyForce planning
Upholder class submarine programUK Royal NavyProcurement
Uribe projectMexico NavyProcurement
US 78-ft class programPhilippines NavyProcurement
US Bronstein class frigate acquisitionMexico NavyTransfer
US-UK Polaris Sales Agreement.UK Royal NavyProcurement
USNS Capable Conversion to Okeanos Explorer, Ocean Exploration VesselNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Conversion
USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) 2003 Extended Selected Restricted AvailabilityUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
USS Toledo (SSBN769 67) 2003 Selected Restricted AvailabilityUS NavyConversion/Retrofit
UT 512 L Offshore Patrol VesselIceland Coast Guard (Landhelgisgæslan)Procurement
V2000 patrol craft programmeItaly Guardia di FinanzaProcurement
Van Speijk class frigate re-enginingIndonesia Navy (TNI AL)Conversion/Retrofit
Van Speijk klasse disposalNetherlands NavyDisposal
Van Speijk klasse MLMNetherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Van Speijk klasse programNetherlands NavyProcurement
Vanguard Class Long Overhaul Period (Refuel)UK Royal NavyConversion/Retrofit
Västergötland AIP upgrade programSweden NavyConversion/Retrofit
Vastergotland-class submarine acquisitionSingapore NavyTransfer
Vedette Côtière de Surveillance Maritime (VCSM)France Gendarmerie NationaleProcurement
Venezuela Submarine programmeVenezuela NavyProcurement
Venezuelan Lupo class refitVenezuela NavyRefit
Venezuelan Type 209/1300 refitVenezuela NavyConversion/Retrofit
Venezuelan Type 209/1300 refitVenezuela NavyConversion/Retrofit
Verbeterd Actief Onderzeeboot Bestrijdingssysteem (ATAS)Netherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Very Slender Vessel (VSV)US Special Operations CommandResearch and Development
Vessel replacement programmeIreland Navy (Irish Naval Service)Procurement
Victoria In-Service Support Contract (VISSC)Canada NavyThrough-life support
Vigilante class rescue launchesPortugal NavyProcurement
Viking Submarine ProjectViking Submarine CorporationProcurement
Visby class program (YS 2000 project)Sweden NavyProcurement
VL-VT1 Naval Crotale programmeThales Air DefenceDevelopment
Vosper Thornycroft Mk 10 programBrazil NavyProcurement
VS 794 CGV offshore patrol vessel programmeNorway Coast GuardProcurement
VT 100m corvetteHellenic NavyProcurement
VT Super Vita fast attack craft (missile)Hellenic NavyProcurement
Walrus class submarine upkeepNetherlands NavyConversion/Retrofit
Walrus projectNetherlands NavyProcurement
Wangerooge Klasse (Klasse 722)Germany NavyProcurement
Wangerooge Klasse (Klasse 722)Germany NavyDisposal
Waspada class upgradeBrunei NavyConversion/Retrofit
Watercat 1300 Patrol vesselFinland Frontier Guard (Rajavartiolaitos)Procurement
Watercat M14 high performance landing craft for the Royal Malaysian PoliceMalaysia Marine Operations Force (Marine Police)Procurement
Watson T-AKR class programUS Navy (MSC)Procurement
Wave Knight class replenishment ship programmeUK Royal NavyProcurement
Wielingen (E71) class frigate upgradeBelgium NavyConversion/Retrofit
Wielingen class frigate acquisition (Wandelaar)Bulgaria NavyTransfer
Wielingen class frigate disposalBelgium NavyDisposal
Wolf PAC Distributed Operations ExperimentUS Department of Defense (US DOD)Command and Control
Won San minelayer programSouth Korea NavyProcurement
Wu Chin III programme (Gearing class destroyer retrofit)Taiwan NavyConversion
Wuchin No 3 programmeTaiwan NavyConversion/Retrofit
Wuchin No 3 ProjectTaiwan NavyConversion/Retrofit
Yaeyama minesweeper programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
YAG 300 (Training Vessel) Replacement Project (Orca class)Canada NavyProcurement
Yamarin 5940 patrol craft acquisition (Erneuerung Bootstechnik Typ IIGermany Police Wasserschutzpolizei BrandenburgProcurement
Yavuz class frigate mid-life upgradeTurkey NavyUpgrade
YDT-01 programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
YR-01 programJapan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)Procurement
Ytstridsfartyg Bevakning (YSB) StyrsoSweden NavyProcurement
Ytstridsfartyg Ny (New Surface Combatant) projectSweden NavyProcurement
Yuanwang class programmeChina PLANProcurement
Zwaardvis class submarine acquisitionEgyptian NavyTransfer
Zwaardvis class submarine disposalNetherlands NavyDisposal

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