Naval Construction, Naval Forecast and Naval Upgrades

Naval construction, naval forecasts and naval upgrades covering historically the last three decades and over two decades for future programmes are generated using information based in the records of our Naval Programmes Database and Naval Platform Database. The term naval is used loosely and includes government owned vessels.

• Shiptypes
• Surface Fighting ships (Aircraft carriers, LPH, LPD, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, fast attack crafts etc.
• Submarines
• Naval auxiliaries (Logistic ships, replenishment tankers, ammunition transport, tugs etc)
• Government owned Patrol vessels (Police, Coastguards, Navy)
• Government owned Special ships: Research vessels, Survey vessels, Icebreakers etc.

Platform details, and the equipment installed in the platforms are tagged to the relevant procurement policies and budgets providing a comprehensive programmes overview. Records are referenced in such a manner that links can be created to other databases in the CDP group offering a wide range of possibilities.

For example by linking to the CDP group’s World Marine Engine Database, propulsion details of:

• Main Propulsion engine power
• Diesel engine and
• Diesel engine combinations with gas turbines for main propulsion can be analysed and this information may be used in many ways to provide targeted and bespoke solutions to government and commercial clients.

Examples of propulsion studies

• the Naval Platform Database of over 16,000 vessels and
• the World Marine Engine Database of approximately 14,000 engines.

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link to Sample Naval Platform - Propulsion Record

Reports are produced in tabular and / or graphical formats with appropriate texts.

Naval Market Segmentation Based On Listed Naval Construction Programmes 2000 to 2028

2009 Study of Naval Diesel Engine Propulsion comparing High Speed and Medium Speed engines using sample size of of 4265 naval vessels.

2009 Study of Segmentation of High speed Diesel Engine Propulsion in Naval Vessels.

Examples of Naval Construction Forecast Report

• Forecast to 2028
• Ship type
• Expected ship order per year
• Country (Navy)
• Number of engines, Diesel engine power MW and rpm per engine
• Propulsion configuration (CoDoG, CoDaD, CoDLaG, all electric…)

• The Forecast is made up of:
• Known (announced) projects with dates specified
• Announced projects with dates unspecified where we add estimated date
• Projects not yet announced but with a good degree of certainty that they will be realised we call projected.
– known requirement but not yet approved
– known requirement but not yet budgeted
– approved & budgeted but order not yet placed.

We can provide in-depth and tailored technology and procurement studies and assessments that are timely and focused on the marketing forces shaping the global naval industries.

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