World Marine Engine Database

The World Marine Engine Database is the leading single, source of accurate marine engine data, presented in a uniform format, searchable electronically.

Single source: four decades of marine industry experience, the database has been built up over twenty-five year period

Extensive library: 15,000+ engines from over 500 manufacturers: up to 230 data fields per engine

Accurate data (data is sourced direct from the manufacturer and verified by them on a regular basis)

Uniform format (each engine type record has an identical format easily switchable between metric and imperial units)

Searchable electronically (data supplied in Access or Excel files, other formats available on request)

Data collection and verification

Over a period of thirty years we have developed systems of easing the formidable task of collecting. updating and verifying information on new and modified engines.

Main features of the database include:

* up to six power ratings per engine
* metric / imperial units
* designer and manufacturer names
* maximum torque & rpm, specific fuel consumption
* 2/4 or other cycle, gas turbines
* bore, stroke, swept volume
* cylinder arrangement
* weight with four codes
* four size dimensions with four codes
* entry & exit production years

Data output
Output from the World Marine Engine Database is usually delivered in Excel spreadsheet or Access database formats. Our flexible customer support means that data can be supplied in a number of common formats to facilitate data integration with your existing systems. Our methods of delivery include CD-ROM or email.

The data is arranged so that it can easily be used to produce reports for competitive comparison of engines on a range of specifications for example: weight, height, specific fuel consumption, weight per unit displacement, weight per unit power etc.

Data is added to the World Marine Engine Database on a regular basis, usually weekly but even daily as circumstances require.

Examples of some of the Queries and Reports that can be generated from the World Marine Engine Database.
* Engine model & type: what are the dimensions and engine performance specs?
* What engines are in current production with a power range of x to y and an rpm band of a to b?
* Provide the CFR, EFR and CSR of engine X for vibration/acoustic analysis.
* The engine room height for a particular installation is xxx mm: what engine options will fit?
* What is the Web site address of the manufacturer of brand x engines?
* I want to send a Request For Quotation on the following engine types: what are the manufacturer's email addresses or fax numbers?
* Make a comparison bar chart of five competing engine models picked from a list showing weight, power and specific fuel consumption?
* How has the model programme of brand Z changed over the last five years?

An example of an Acoustic Data Report from the World Marine Engine Database

Engine TypeCyl #2/4 cycleEngine rpmCylinder Firing RateEngine Firing RateCrankshaft RateShaft Rate

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