Type JY-14 Chinese Radar

This is a sample record of the JY-14 type radar, from our major dynamic report about radar systems deployed in China. The Chinese Radar Report is available now in .pdf format or CDROM. At over 600 pages it is the only work of its type and deals with all aspects of radar and their development in China over the last 30 years.

The following JY-14 sample text and images are taken from the Report and give an example of its format and content.

Type JY-14 Tactical 3D Surveillance Radar

Common Designation: JY-14

Caption JY-14 Antenna Array (ECRIEE)

PLA Designation:JY-14:
Export Designation:--
Other Designations:Great Wall
RF (MHz)1,850 ~ 2,150
 2,300 ~ 2,500
 2,700 ~ 3,400
RF Agility30 channels across 15% of band in use
PRF (pps)Staggered
PD (µsecs)--
SP (sec / Hz)9.5 ~ 10.5 secs
This is a medium- to long-range tactical 3D surveillance radar whose primary function is air defence, and is expected to be deployed in regional air defence networks.

It has 8 RF feeds, six in E/F-Band and two in D-Band, the latter two giving good height cover where the lowest may also be used for an IFF facility. Reported parameters are:

Coverage: (Pd=0.9, Pfa=10-6, SW1, s = 3m2)
Search range;320km
Target capacity:≥72 tracks
Beams:8 vertically stacked
1st sidelobe-30db
Detection Accuracy (rms): 
Height:400m @ 200km
Target Resolution: 
MTI improvement40dB
System noise figure5.5dB
IF bandwidth450Hz

This radar employs a number of modern technologies including a low-side +-lobe antenna, pulse compression, self-adaptive moving target indication (AMTI), with a peak envelope power (PEP) of approximately 1MW.

JY-14 is reported to have a range of anti-jamming facilities, to ensure normal operation in the most severe of electronic warfare (EW) environments.

RF agility range is stated to be 15%, which suggests about 450MHz in the highest RF range listed. There is a selection of 30 RFs within this range available for diversity or agility operations, which suggests repetitive fixed frequency hopping in the latter case.

At least one source states that the frequency diversity interval is 150MHz, which might confirm the use of the two lower frequency sub-bands.

Note: Outside of China mainland, and arguably even within it, the lowest RF band shown is considered unlikely (in peacetime) as it is no longer allocated for radar operations by the ITU.

On 22nd October 2001, China Reform Monitor No. 410 reported that a JY-14 emitter had been detected in Iran (by electronic intercept) close to the Afghanistan border.

Caption: JY-14 (www.tnchau.com)

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