Type 245 Chinese Radar

This is a sample record of the Type 245 radar, from our major dynamic report about radar systems deployed in China. The Chinese Radar Report is available now in .pdf format or CDROM. At over 600 pages it is the only work of its type and deals with all aspects of radar and their development in China over the last 30 years.

The following Type 245 sample text and images are taken from the Report and give an example of its format and content.

Type 245 Airborne Surveillance Radar

Common Designation: Type 245

Caption: 245 Radar Antenna (www.concentric.net/~jetfight).

PLAAF Designation:Type 245
Export Designation: 
Other Designations:Model 245, Kobalt
Supplier:CLETRI Plant 781
RF (MHz)9,345 ~ 9,500
PRF (pps)190 ~ 210
PRI (µsecs)4,761.9 ~ 5,263.2
PD (µsecs)--
STCircular & Sector
SP (sec / Hz)--

The Type 245 is an I-Band 360º surveillance radar (possibly based on one of the old Soviet Mushroom, Toadstool or possibly Puff Ball radars) installed in H-6 series bombers (which are based on a Soviet Tu-16 BADGER airframe) in a chin radome. The Chinese made version of Mushroom is known to NATO as Kobalt and it is this system’s parameters that are listed. The left-hand view shows the radar either under inspection or students under instruction. The flared horn feed, which ensures a good vertical beamwidth, is readily apparent.

The lower pictures show the radar’s installation location immediately below the fuselage nose.

Caption: H-6H Bomber with Type 245 Radar Exposed (www.stormpages.com/jetfight)

The latest versions of this bomber are the H-6K and H-6M, both of which now have at least four hard-points for air-launched ASMs.

These may be the YJ-83 (CSSC-8 ‘Saccade’) that is an air-launched version of the YJ-62 anti-ship missile.

Caption: Chin-mounted Type 245 radome on H-6D (www.stormpages.com)

The most recent reports suggest that the H-6K may have six hard points and be capable of air launching a land attack cruise missile (LACM), the KD(YJ)-63, although there is no known change to the radar installation.

Caption: H-6D Bombers on parade (www.stormpages.com)

This radar is seen on most variants including the latest ASM carrying H-6M variants. However, the H-6K appears to have a larger radome covering as yet an undeclared emitter.

These may be the YJ-83 (CSSC-8 ‘Saccade’) that is an air-launched version of the YJ-62 anti-ship missile.

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